This Week’s Big Themes:

Mars arrives in Libra this week, bringing a great deal of energy to interpersonal relationships, diplomacy and the pursuit of fairness and equality. Meanwhile, the Sun conjuncts Jupiter in Scorpio, giving a big, enthusiastic go-ahead to any plans which combine both the head and the heart.

aries bigARIES

Seek balance in your relationship. It’s all been a bit “me, me, me” recently, so focus on what your partner wants and needs for a while. Any arguments are likely to relate back to your slightly selfish approach.
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Ill tempers at work get out of hand, and a minor niggle with colleagues could turn into all out war. Nip this in the bud. Set an example and refuse to get involved in the fight. You’re there to work, not to push a personal agenda.
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If there were a national flirting team, you’d be on it. There’s lots of flirtatious fun to be had, but don’t be surprised if an existing partner becomes very jealous. Be careful how you behave if you don’t want to provoke a war.
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Catch up with odd jobs around the home. You’re driven to clean, tidy and spruce up your living areas, just because it feels good! Make allowances for kids, though. Not everyone can be a neat freak.
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Problems in your neighborhood? Do something about it! The emphasis is on your qualities as a leader, and how you can use those in your local area. Start a campaign or create a plan of action to improve the place.
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virgo VIRGO

If money makes the world go round, yours should be spinning like crazy right now. You’re highly motivated to find extra cash, so start selling your old stuff, earning money from hobbies or simply seeking a better job.
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Mars’ arrival in Libra helps you to stand up for yourself more than you normally do. The new assertive surprises a few people, especially when you put a stop to something which has gone on for far too long. About time too!
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A fascination with all things deep and dark may find you out on a ghost hunt or doing some amateur sleuthing. You’re determined to get to the bottom of whatever’s bitten you – let’s hope you get the answers you want.
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In your social life, less is more. Let someone else take the lead for a change, and go along with their plans instead of expecting everyone else to do what you say. Give your friends more of a chance to organize things, while you follow.
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This ambitious week is just the kind of energy you like – there’s plenty of scope at work, with a complex challenge to get stuck into. You’ll give it your all, and fortunately this will be noticed. Praise is on its way for a job very well done.
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Restlessness is a major issue for you. Get plenty of exercise to try to burn off some excess energy. Fresh air helps too, no matter what the weather’s like. Staying indoors looking at your own four walls will drive you crazy.
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Envy, jealousy and other brooding thoughts are dragging you down. Meditation will help you to let go of some of this darkness, or you could try writing it down to exorcise it from your emotional field. Think positive, and welcome the light.