This Week’s Big Themes:

This week’s New Moon in Libra is a rather restless affair – many of us will want to be starting something new, but unsure in which direction to head. Fortunately, Mercury moves into thoughtful Scorpio this week, allowing for careful consideration of all the options. Emotions will cloud logic, however, so reaching a balanced conclusion could be tricky.

aries bigARIES

Business interests are at the forefront of your mind, especially if you are or would like to be self-employed. Be shrewd in your dealings with other people. Not everyone is your friend, but there’s also no need to be overly suspicious.



Make a point of listening to your sweetheart this week – properly listening, not tuning him or her out while you do something more interesting! Better communication within your partnership will heal a lot of woes.



Reach out to other people and focus on teamwork. You can do so much more with others than you can alone. You may have the chance to assemble a new team, in your personal or professional life – jump at this opportunity.



If you can’t get people to co-operate with you – especially family members – try changing the way you’re asking. People like to be persuaded and valued rather than be ordered around. Talk to others the way you’d like to be talked to.



You’re full of great ideas about how to re-organize things – but you’ll have to get other people to agree, whether that’s your colleagues or your family. Show them the value of doing things your way. Give them reasons to say yes.


virgo VIRGO

You have many of the answers – perhaps you should share your knowledge more freely with others? It’s a good time to think about teaching someone in an informal manner, or mentoring. You have a lot to offer.



A New Moon in your sign is the ideal time to launch a new pet project or business idea. Believe in yourself and good things will happen. There are indications of monetary success coming your way, so get started and don’t look back!



If you have something to say, say it! Be forthright in getting your point across if necessary, because it’s time you were heard. You can make a good argument now, but it will be for nothing if you’re not brave enough to speak up.



Your psychic abilities are very strong now and you may find yourself picking up all kinds of information about other people. This increased sensitivity can be helpful both in your personal life and in business – you have insight, so use it.



You have a lot of advice to give other people, but don’t be offended if they don’t take it. Trying to run someone else’s life won’t work. Support and guide if you can and be there to pick up the pieces, but don’t insist or take over.



A very busy work week puts you under pressure, but you’ll rise to the challenge. If you can think of a new or better way of working, don’t hesitate to suggest it or give it a go. Innovation is on the cards, and will be rewarded.



You love a good debate and you could spend hours putting the world to rights. Be sensitive, however, to controversial topics and the fact that you could offend someone by pressing home your view. Listen, as well as speaking.

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