aries bigARIES

Turn down the volume! Too many people are expecting too much and being too loud about it – it’s important to create some space, so that you can think. Be firm in refusing to be rushed into decisions. Take your time, find your peace.


Beware of false economy. You’re right to try to avoid spending too much money, but scrimping in the wrong areas will cost you more in the long term. Look for value and quality in what you buy, whether it’s goods or services.


The Gemini Full Moon gives you permission to be yourself, so quit with the mask you’ve been wearing for a while. Let your personality shine through in all that you do this week. Quirky you may be, but that’s exactly why we love you.


The Full Moon offers you a healing vibe, should you choose to take it. You can allow grudges to fester, or you can take the lead in showing forgiveness and humility. What you give out comes back to you, so choose your attitude wisely.


Live in the moment and appreciate what you have. This is not the time to dwell on the past or worry about the future. Practice mindfulness and become fully aware of this point in time. As you do that, you’ll find stress melting away.

virgo VIRGO

Having to sell your talents terrifies you, but the Full Moon puts you in a now or never position. Take that leap of faith and trust that others will recognise your abilities, even as you fail to see them yourself.


Expect to find your prejudices and preconceptions challenged, perhaps by something you see in the news, or something you experience directly. Life is not as black and white as you thought – and that’s a very good thing.


As the holiday season gets underway, clear out your clutter – both literally and psychologically. Get rid of old items, giving them away or recycling them. Make room for the new, and make room in your head for new ideas too.


It’s a beautiful week, with the Full Moon majoring in romance and harmony. A couple’s getaway would be marvellous, but if you can’t do that, try to cut down on social events so that you can spend more time alone together.


The Full Moon piles on the pressure at work, and you may feel as though you’re swimming against the tide and taking on much more than your fair share. Take heart that your efforts will be noticed, and applauded.


The best plan for this week is to not have a plan! Allow the Full Moon’s fun, spontaneous energy to take you where it will. Spur of the moment decisions are highlighted, and finding the courage to say yes will be important.


Get yourself and your family out of the house as much as possible during this Full Moon vibe. Too much of your own four walls will prove claustrophobic and tense. Seek fresh air, where laughter can thrive and petty arguments dissolve.