aries bigARIES

Your thoughts are firmly on 2018 and you are making grand plans for the year ahead. With your career progress in a state of flux, it’s the perfect time to think about changing course – look for work which satisfies your soul, not just your wallet.


There’s lots of travel on the horizon this week. Whether you’re visiting family or helping out in the community, your feet will barely touch the ground. Enjoy the busy vibe, but remember to breathe!


Pause for thought, meditation and contemplation this week. Whatever your faith or none, the holidays are more meaningful for you than they have been for some time. Find out why, and pursue that line of enquiry.


A very loving festive week is in store, as Venus moves into your house of romance. Loved up and enjoying the holidays, nothing much can drag your mood down. It’s a wonderful week for getting engaged, married or otherwise committed.


Watch out for over-indulgence in all those festive goodies! Venus encourages lots of whatever you like – which is great, except for the inevitable hangover and bloatedness. Think about your wellbeing as you head towards 2018.

virgo VIRGO

You’re full of bright ideas and creative ways to enjoy the festivities. If you have kids, you’ll ensure that they have a terrific holiday, but be careful not to wear yourself out! Make space for couple time with your partner too; it’s not all about the little ones.


A very family focused holiday week finds you in your element as host or hostess, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. As Venus moves into your family zone, nothing gives you more pleasure than looking after everyone else.


Little love notes for your sweetheart would mean the world during this festive week. Even if you can’t afford expensive gifts, you can still make very meaningful gestures which your lover will appreciate much more than anything with a price tag.


Last minute festive spending could get out of control, under the gleeful encouragement of Venus – reign it in! Meanwhile, learn to appreciate the gifts you receive for the thought behind them, however inexpensive they may be.


With Venus now in your sign, it’s a very sweet and memorable festive week for you. Make memories with sweetheart and your families, and appreciate every moment you have together. Next year brings much hard work, so rest up while you can.


Your psychic intuition is off the scale this week and you’ll be amazed at how much information you “just know” about others. Be careful to guard a secret well, however, if it is entrusted to you. Don’t do anything to breach another’s trust.


You weren’t feeling hugely sociable last week, but this week is a different story. Venus encourages you to party, and as we head towards 2018 you’ll certainly make plenty of new friends in interesting places – with a hint of romance too!