aries bigARIES

Power is a mixed blessing just now. If you hold it, be very careful to wield it fairly and transparently, otherwise allegations will surely follow. Where someone has power over you, speak out if your treatment is unfair or unsafe.


Try to avoid forcing your beliefs on others this week. Although Venus strengthens your commitment to your own values, you must recognise that not everyone shares your views. Respect matters and so does courtesy.


Mars and Pluto stir up the most psychologically intense part of your chart this week, so expect some torrid emotions and some intense jealousy. Rely on humor and wit to defuse the tension. You can talk and charm your way out of most things.


A tumultuous week for your closest relationship puts your love to the test. If you want to survive this as a couple, you can, but it will demand complete and painful honesty from both partners. Meditation will help to calm your nerves in the meantime.


Avoid becoming obsessed with a new health kick. Anything you do to get healthier is to be welcomed, but you’re at risk now of taking things to the extreme. Listen to friends if they are concerned about you. They have your interests at heart.

virgo VIRGO

An intense obsession may cross the line into unacceptable territory, especially in love. Be very careful with how you treat others, and how you demand to be treated. Seek help if necessary. Power games in relationships may be very destructive.


Get the family out of the house as much as possible this week, in order to defuse tension. Playing sports or hiking together will use up energy in a more constructive manner. Cooped up together at home, tensions may escalate all too easily.


Your words have a lot of power this week, so use them wisely. Others will take what you say very seriously and are likely to act up on it. In love, indulge your sensual side and seek plenty of alone time with your partner. Make your sweetheart a priority.


This emotionally charged week is excellent for establishing greater emotional intimacy with your partner. Talk about your fears, your hopes and your dreams, and develop greater trust. With Venus moving into your love zone, it’s all to play for.


Intense planetary activity in your sign may be emotionally exhausting, so be kind to yourself. Make your home a relaxing, soothing space and don’t allow others to intrude upon your privacy. You need some down time to process your situation.


Distract yourself by doing something creative this week. Intense emotions, especially guilt, may otherwise drag you down. Although you probably feel like spending time alone, socializing as much as you can will help to keep your emotions balanced.


Your social life could be fraught this week, with allegations, power plays and jealousy swirling. Family life provides a safer haven, so enjoy spending time with your loved ones and give difficult friendships a wider berth for now.

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Kelli was first drawn to astrology during her childhood in Australia where she began recording sun signs for anyone willing to share. She studied at the College of Humanistic Astrology and from there became accredited with multiple organizations: PMAFA, ISAR C.A.P., CA NCGR IV. In 1995, Kelli created where she continued to live her passion until 2003. In 2019, Kelli created and launched to meet a need she saw in the current astrology landscape.

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