aries bigARIES

A dramatic makeover would suit your mood this week; you’re absolutely determined now to showcase your individuality. Clashes with authority are also quite likely, since you simply will not be told what to do.[divider line_type=”Full Width Line” custom_height=”25″]


It’s time to ditch the guilt you feel over something which wasn’t your fault. You did your best. Be proud that you tried. You can’t be responsible for everyone and everything else, so put down the weight of the world.


Join a new club or social group and reach out to some new people. Someone you meet this week could prove to be very important in your life, whether in love, business or simply as a mentor, ally and friend. Stay open-minded, and smile.


Expect to find yourself thrust, without warning, into the spotlight. It’s daunting, especially professionally, but this is your chance to show the world what you can do. Hold your nerve, be brave and trust that you know what you’re doing.


Grab any chance to travel this week – the more spontaneous, the better. Practice saying yes to unexpected opportunities. Take a leap of faith. Stop thinking of reasons why you can’t do something, and instead find reasons to say yes!

virgo VIRGO

A power struggle which has been going on around you could come to a dramatic conclusion this week. Expect a showdown – but expect to win. Be resolute in going after what you believe to be right. It’s all to gain right now.


Your closest relationship gets a new and exciting lease of life this week, especially if you can create some magical, spontaneous, crazy moments to remember. Ditch the routines and the safety net and indulge your wilder side![divider line_type=”No Line” custom_height=”20″]


This is the perfect moment to break out of a rut and to banish boredom. If you’re fed up of your days blending into one, take positive action and create something different. Don’t be afraid to try something new – a new hobby or a whole new lifestyle.


If you’re single, a sudden attraction may sweep you off your feet – especially with someone you wouldn’t normally notice. In love, don’t limit yourself or define yourself by your “type” – be more open-minded and see what happens!


Domestic drama could be a theme this week, but it’s a good time for real estate, house moves and renovations. Consider insurance against appliance breakdowns and update any alarms or sensors. Prepare for unexpected guests, too.


Feeling bored? There’s a whole world out there to explore! Stretching your intellect will engage and excite you this week, so it’s a fine time to start a new course of study. Seek out like-minded friends to debate and discuss the issues of the day.


Finances are easy come, easy go just now, with all too much emphasis on the go. However, you’re honestly not that bothered – you’re starting to trust that the universe will take care of you and will provide what you need, when you need it.[divider line_type=”Full Width Line” custom_height=”25″]