Express Yourself!

When it comes to relationships, self-expression is key! It takes courage to tell others about the emotional truth arising from our depths, because when we were small, the people around us made us wrong for being too wild, emotional, and out of control — especially if we were expressing emotions that made others uncomfortable. But when you give yourself permission to express your feelings, you give other people the permission to do it too, and your relationships become more intimate, more real. It can be as simple as saying, “I’m afraid.” When you are not afraid to be yourself, you embolden others to be themselves, too.

December’s Theme: Manifesting the Greatest Love!

This month is also about manifesting the Greatest Love! The greatest love is the acceptance that you have for yourself, just the way you are. Accepting yourself doesn’t mean that you always like certain aspects of your make-up, but it means that you accept them by acknowledging them as part of you. When you accept who you are, you are well on your way to loving yourself, and that love has the power to heal everything in your life! It has the power to go out into the universe and draw back that same quality of unconditional love and acceptance from others. So if you have been searching for love in your life, love yourself — and by that, I mean, love your inner child. You are a precious, innocent child of the universe, and nothing you have ever done is “bad” or “wrong.” When you realize this, there is no stopping you from attracting unconditional love from the outside. Great love is coming into your life, and part of that love will come from you.

And finally, if you have been feeling challenged, ask people for help. Ask your spirit guides for support. Many times, we believe that we are the only one in our lives who can do something “right.” We believe that if we don’t do it, it simply won’t get done. You might have a lot of evidence to support this belief, such as deciding to stop doing the laundry to see if anyone else will pick up the gauntlet, and realizing that, nope — it was true — you were the only one doing laundry in your house. But that is why the message this month is about delegation! It’s time to ask for what you need, loud and clear. When you ask others to help in the present moment, you gift them with the opportunity to give to you, and that is a wonderful gift to give someone. You give them the opportunity to feel good about helping you. We all need support sometimes. It’s okay to ask for it.

See which message resonates with you most! Connect with your higher self, connect with spirit guides, and ask which message is most appropriate for you today: #1, #2, or #3.

About Jessica McKay

Jessica McKay is an intuitive counselor and the author of The Wisdom of a Psychic Cat ~ 15 Lessons on Happiness for Humans. She is co-author of When Heaven Touches Earth by James Van Praagh and others. Jessica offers private readings and energy healing sessions at

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