Pluto takes almost 250 years to circle the Zodiac so is beyond the scope of a guide of this sort. Pluto’s influence has its affect on whole generations of people, and can even influence world conditions. See where Pluto is in your Zodiac chart and see how Pluto is affecting your life in these areas. Pluto is the Planet of Transformation. It never does anything by halves. It prefers to wipe the slate clean ready to make a new start. Pluto wields enormous power which can be directed towards total destruction or complete reconstruction. Its evil side can create demonstrations, violence, murder, bombing and wars. The influence of Pluto is still being assessed. Whatever the final outcome you may rest assured that the power of this planet is enormous.

Pluto In House One.
Affects your temperament and ego.

Pluto In House Two.
Affects earning ability and possessions.

Pluto In House Three.
Affects communications.

Pluto In House Four.
Affects parents, home and savings.

Pluto In House Five.
Affects creative expression and children.

Pluto In House Six.
Affects work and service.

Pluto In House Seven.
Affects partnerships.

Pluto In House Eight.
Affects earnings.

Pluto In House Nine.
Affects higher learning and spirituality.

Pluto In House Ten.
Affects self-esteem and authority.

Pluto In House Eleven.
Affects career, hopes and friends.

Pluto In House Twelve.
Affects latent talents and secrets.