Personal Year Energy Chart

#1 Personal Year

Adding Straight AcrossThis is the year for new beginnings, for new ideas, for anything new. Seeds planted this year will have an effect on the next eight years. Remember, seeds do not come up over night. They must first germinate and take root. Only then will they grow. Give your ideas a chance to take root. Develop a plan for what you want in this new year cycle and begin to work on it now. Be yourself, and push forward with determination. Take control. Look to yourself rather than to partnerships or unions. During this time period, independence and self-promotion have a strong influence. Lay your groundwork now. Stay busy and keep things moving. This is your year to pioneer and break new ground.

#2 Personal Year

The seeds you planted last year are under the ground ready to germinate. This year you deserve some rest and quiet. Make sure that you have it. Study and acquire knowledge. Practice diplomacy and tact. Sharing and teamwork are best. Be very cooperative. Do not force anything this year. Be patient and wait. That which is right for you, will come to you. Pay attention to details. Collect what you need. Look behind the scenes. The opportunity is on the way. Think and plan and be peaceful. Stay calm and wait. Love is favored. This is a very good year for relationships and partnerships.

#3 Personal Year

This is your year for fun. That which you started two years ago is now beginning to come to life. Believe in yourself. The seeds are beginning to send out roots. The birth is evident. All is well and you feel it. Love is everywhere. It’s a time for friends and doing things you enjoy. Entertain and go to parties and gatherings. Go on vacations and holiday. The influence this year is social and artistic. Express yourself creatively as much as possible. Laugh and smile and sing and dance and spread sunshine all around. Your year will be full of joy.

#4 Personal Year

It’s time to get back to work. The seeds are sending shoots up through the ground. Do your weeding. Be productive and organized. Build your foundation. Be busy and follow your schedule. Take inventory. Get your life in order and attend to the details. Use self-discipline and avoid being lazy. Do things cheerfully and you will have all the energy you need. Take good care of your health. You are building for the future, so be constructive. Solve any problems this year. The more effort you invest, the more rewards you will reap and everything will turn out well.

#5 Personal Year

Freedom and change are in the air. This crop is growing after all your work last year. You deserve a vacation. Let this be your year to dress up, put your best foot forward, drop the routine, and discard old ideas. Do something unusual. Be different this year. Get out and experience life in a new place. Make changes—in yourself, your home, your lifestyle, your business. Make sure these changes benefit others too. See as many people as you can. Look for a good surprise but don’t throw all caution to the wind. Keep active, not restless. This can be a very satisfying year.

#6 Personal Year

Now is the time for home and family, groups and friends. The plants are flowering. Make your home the center of your life. Be responsible, fair and just. Be of service and accept your duties willingly. Take care of all your personal belongings, people, places and things. This year is the best of all for marriage. It’s the perfect year to move into a new home. Make music a big part of your life. Do all your entertaining at home. Set your standards and keep them. Complete whatever you start. Have a rhythm and harmony in your life. Anything you do for the benefit of the group is good. Be the counselor. Give assistance whenever it is needed. It’s your year to give to yourself. This is a deeply satisfying year overall.

#7 Personal Year

This is an inner year. The fruit is just beginning to show on the vine and you must have faith it will ripen. Take time for reflection, study and self-analysis. Spend lots of time alone and use it constructively. Analyze your thoughts and actions. What would you like to change about yourself? The number 7 always reveals things we normally do not see. Look at your life. This year is for inner growth and preparation. Don’t reach out or try to force things. Let things come to you. Release the business world as much as possible. Meditate and be introspective. Leave the social life for another time. You may travel to learn more about yourself. This is a spiritual year, so flow with it. Allow your soul to grow.

#8 Personal Year

This is the success year. It’s harvest time. That which you began eight years ago is now ready. Take your product to the market. Business and all material things are yours now. Put out some effort and you will accomplish a lot. Go after what you want. Be the executive, the manager, and the organizer. Be efficient and businesslike. Be self-confident. Be honest and fair in all dealings. You can accomplish big things. Look for unexpected money. You make money easily this year. Business trips are favored. This is your year to achieve. Go for it!

#9 Personal Year

It’s a time for completion and fulfillment. The garden is finished for the cycle yet some of the crops continue to produce. This is the year of spring cleaning. Get into the corners. Review everything and toss out all that is no longer useful in your life including people, places, ideas and things. If it’s finished, let it go. Don’t hang on. Many things will pass out of your life this year. Bless them and release them. You are making room for the new next year. There is much happiness around for you. This is a year for endings. Do not begin new things. Don’t look for new personal love affairs now. They won’t last. Enjoy the artistic part of life. Take a long trip and learn about others. Give away. Give to others and be tolerant, compassionate, and forgiving. Love must be shared with all. Really understand the kinship of everyone on this planet. The old cycle closes. Make ready for the new one next year.

#11/2 Personal Year

11/2 is a Master Number. Rise above daily routine. Shine like a star. Set new standards for yourself on the internal level. Do more investigating on the spiritual and metaphysical side of life. Universal love is more important than personal love this year. Keep you own inner peace, no matter what. The occult will have more interest for you. This is not a business year, though you will have lots of good ideas for later. Live up to your ideals. Prepare yourself. Fame and honor could come to you this year. Now is a time for inner growth, illumination and reflection. Don’t forget the patience and diplomacy of the 2 energy.

#22/4 Personal Year

22/4 is a Master Number. Superior accomplishments can be achieved if you rise above the 4 energy. The community needs you. If you work only for yourself, you will miss the full advantages of this year. If you work on big plans for the good of many, then your projects will be successful. This is an opportunity for a power year evolving big projects. You don’t get a year like this often. Prominence and power can be yours.