stag-spirit-guidePinClose your eyes for a moment. Feel the Earth beneath you. Feel the comfort of the ground below you, and the sky above. Link into your unique rhythm. Follow the cadence of your breathing. Begin to cast yourself into the either, beyond your body, beyond the walls around you. Cast yourself into the unknown.

  • What do you feel now?
  • What do you sense around you?
  • What do you hear?
  • See?
  • Know?
  • Or even taste?

Maybe you are met by a gentle whisper. Or a subtle tugging on your shoulder. You may even perceive an apparition, or other mystical vestiges. You are touching, perceiving, and experiencing the invisible world.

Open yourself to this new frontier, and flood your awareness with the truth that you are not alone. No, in fact, you have a collective of celestial helpers, your spirit guides! Your spirit guides are your cosmic clique, or as I call them, your Spirit Circle.

You are a vibrant, fluctuating, and evolving being, both spiritual and physical. Walking through this life is an opportunity to grow on many levels, but in growing and learning, you are becoming your unique expression of the Divine. That’s exactly what your Spirit Circle is here to help you do!

1. Your Spirit Circle is unique to you.

You were assigned a main spirit guide before you were born. Both of you agreed to work together in this life to help you achieve your highest potential, your unique calling in life. It’s a partnership, a powerful synergy of connecting forces. As you open to your spirit guide, your spirit guide can open to you.

Be clear that your guide can be involved in your life as little, or as much as you like. It is your choice; regardless your spirit guide is there for you. Since you were born this invisible friend has been by your side. You may even remember your spirit guide as your imaginary friend from childhood.

Think back to that time in your life. Do you remember an imaginary friend? How about an unusual visitor? Or maybe a character that you made up?

Your spirit guide is familiar to you, on the deepest level!

Your Spirit Circle is made up of multiple guides. Though your main guide is always there, from the beginning to the very end! But other guides will walk into your circle at different times in your life.

When you take on a new project, hobby or role in your life a new guide will emerge. The nature of your growth and interest will call for a very specific guide, with a very specific skill set. A guide who sews. A guide who paints. A guide who works with children.

Some traditions even teach that we have a guide who caters to each specific area of our life! Explore your spirit circle and find out for yourself!

owl-spirit-guidePin2. How can you identify your spirit guide?

Usually your spirit guide will have an appearance that is familiar to you. Maybe you’ve always been fascinated by a certain culture, or even a figure from history… that could give you a hint at your spirit guides identity. However, your guides can shape shift. They can basically appear however they want, and in whatever way will make you comfortable.

Maybe you have a wild bunch of grunge rock guides, or maybe they are bohemian goddesses, or burly construction workers. Your spirit guides can even appear as animals, often called animal guides, or totems.

Usually your Spirit Circle friends will take on a form that makes you happy, excited, and ready to connect. If you want them to try on a new look… just ask!

Your spirit guides may go by a specific name. If you want to know what to call your spirit guide they will be happy to tell you. Ask for a name, or sign of a name and see what happens.

  • Does a name pop into your head?
  • Have you been hearing a name repeatedly?
  • What was the name of your imaginary friend as a child?
  • Are you obsessed with a specific name?

These are all clues as to who your guide is, and how you can address them.

3. You have to ask for help!

The integrity, consistency, and level of success your Spirit Circle has in helping you all depend on you asking for help! You are a free spirit; you can do as you wish in this big, crazy world… your spirit guide could help make it easier, but not if you choose to ignore his or her guidance.

Ask for help! Say, “Hey there… this is so and so. Can you offer me some help and guidance in all the areas of my life? I’m open and ready. Thank you.”

Take it a step further. Be more specific

“Spirit Circle Friends, can you off guidance about my love life. Thank you.”

“Hello there. I need advice on my next career move. What direction should I go in?”

Be open. Be candid. Be fluid with your Spirit Circle. Let your guides in, and let them help you. You will find a whole world of possibilities with this crew at your side. And there is nothing domineering, mean or scary about your guides. They are all cool; all love, all the time. Though it might be tough love now and again.

angel-spirit-guidePin4. Your guides work with you in many ways.

To put it simply your guides help create points of power in your life. Points of power being moments where you can touch on your unique purpose, shine your light, and get closer to living your highest good. This can come in the form of intuitive insights, synchronicities, and any other sign, symbol, omen, or psychic experience.

In every day life be aware of the things happening around you. Looking for signs from your guides, from your intuition, and from the Universe. Opportunities, and information are flowering around you at every moment, all you have to do is be curious, connect the dots, and say yes, or no to the experience.

Your Spirit Circle urges you to live a life of discovery. Each moment is a chance to see something, learn from it, and grow. Life will be fantastic if you can embrace with open arms everything that comes your way.

5. The more you work with your guides, the stronger your bond becomes.

Gratitude is a force of abundance. It is a fundamental pillar in the law of attraction. When you say thank you, and show gratitude for your Spirit Circle, for their constant companionship, and for the experiences you have, then you create more of that!

Having an open heart, and being grateful for your guides will solidify your relationship, opening pathways of communication, and strengthen your bond on all levels. As this bond grows, as you learn to recognize their help, they can help you even more.

Some people develop very close, intimate relationships with their spirit guides as if they could meet them for coffee, shoot them an email, or chat over dinner. This kind of relationship suites some people. It may not be for you.

Others have a general openness. Listening, recognizing and pulling at threads. They may not know their guides name, or what they look like, but they can be open to the presence of their Spirit Circle, and act upon the magic they help create!

Find what works for you!

flower-spirit-guidePin6. Working with your Spirit Circle is a personal experience.

Let me be clear that your relationship with your Spirit Circle is yours alone. It is unique to you. Be in a state of discovery. Learn from you guides; be open to them, and their wisdom. You may find that something here doesn’t fit into your relationship with your guides… they will show you the way.

And for those of you who think this concept is way out there… maybe a little too far fetched to for your liking… that’s okay! Think of your Spirit Circle as a facet of yourself, a manifestation of your higher self. By working with your “Spirit Circle” you are connecting to your intuition, and learning to pick up on the subtle energetic cues that are prompting you forward.

Here are a few tips.

  • Ask for help and guidance whenever you need. The more open you are to your Spirit Circle, the more helpful they can be to you!
  • Be in a state of discovery. When you are open to the experience, exploring, connecting dots, and discovering you find infinite ways to express your spirit. Each moment of discovery is an opportunity for your guides to slip in!
  • Show gratitude for your Spirit Circle, and the support they provide!
  • Ask your spirit guides for signs. Everyday offers endless ways to receive signs and messages for your Spirit Circle. Try asking for something specific (A word. An object. An encounter.) See what happens.
  • Write letters to your guides. Tuck them under your pillow before bed. See what unfolds as you dream.
  • Look for written or verbal messages from seemingly random places such as the radio, newspapers, billboards, or train conversations.
  • When you do not understand something, but feel it is a sign, or an attempt to communicate ask your guides for clarification.

How I Met One Of My Spirit Circle Friends

Spooky the slinky black spirit cat is one of my favorite Spirit Circle friends. She roams in and out of my life, in many different ways, always with a powerful message. When I pay attention to her I know if I am getting closer to where I need to be.

Spooky came into my life my freshman year of college. I was moving into my first studio apartment, lugging things up and down the steps. The door was open to the apartment, and I was coming, disheveled up the steps. Suddenly I saw a black cat leap from behind me and dart into the main room.

Startled I ran inside, looking around for this mysterious visitor. But there was no sign of her anywhere!

A few weeks later as I was in a half awake, half asleep state I found myself petting a beautiful black cat curled up next to me in the bed. Nothing about this seemed strange, until I woke up and realized that I was alone, and I didn’t have a black cat.

That’s when I knew Spooky was my spirit guide.

A year later I met my best friend, and real life black cat, Ali. He was one out of a liter of six kittens, all different colors. As I approached the wired group of fluff balls, they all scattered. All but one little black cat curled up on a sewing machine sleeping away.

Find what works best for you! I am certain you’ve already connected with your Spirit Circle. Try making a list of different times you possibly connected with your guides. This will remind you that they are always there!