There is limitless power in the human mind that is still to be awakened.

It is entertaining to watch comic heroes on the big screen, but what if these kinds of powers are someday within reach? As humanity ascends, reach higher consciousness, and break away from limits, who knows what the future will hold? One untapped human potential is telepathy. This psychic ability is exhibited by a few gifted individuals who have amazed and perplexed scientists and the general public. However, telepathy is a latent ability of all human beings. You, too, can have telepathic powers!

Telepathy is a process of receiving the thoughts and feelings of another person. It falls under ESP or extrasensory perception. Telepathy often occurs over distances without utilizing any of the senses, such as hearing or touch. There are several forms of telepathy, and here are a few:

Telepathic reading 

Hearing or sensing what is on the mind of another.


Direct communication with another person without speaking.


Hearing or sensing what is going on in the mind of another.


Fixing something in another person’s mind. It could be a phrase, thought, or word and might even be an image.


Influencing or manipulating another person’s thoughts and actions.

To get a deeper understanding of telepathy, you have to understand all aspects of the human makeup. We all have consciousness giving us the ability to be fully aware and to feel. This constitutes all experience. Humans also can connect with the consciousness of others. It happens when you align your consciousness grid to the grid of others.

Another way to explain this is to think that what is underneath the skin is vibrating energy. Similar to radio, everyone can transmit frequencies.

When you can match your frequency with those of another, telepathic communication happens. The other senses are no longer needed since we have a direct connection.

3 Astonishing Examples of Telepathy

Twin Telepathy

One common example of telepathy is between twins. You probably heard about twins who can message each other without speaking. They finish each other’s sentences and know instantly when the other is in pain or hurt. There have been several occurrences of twin telepathy. One account is an amazing story about a twin who is able to save her sister after a telepathic message.

15-year-old Gemma Houghten was at home when she was suddenly gripped by anxiety. Thoughts of her sister came to mind and alarm bells went off that her sister might be in trouble.

When she rushed to her twin Leanne, she was lying unconscious in the bathtub. It turns out she suffered from a seizure. Fortunately, Gemma was able to get her out of the bath and perform CPR.

Why do twins seem to have an effortless connection with each other on a telepathic level? Several theories exist, but one of the most convincing seems to be that twins have similar consciousness grids.

Telepathy and Love

Romantic love doesn’t just create butterflies in your stomach and unleash serotonins on the brain. The power of love does so much more. Like twin telepathy, telepathy in relationships is powered up for the same reason: vibrations. If you have a soul connection to your significant other, you will likely function on the same wavelength.

An amazing example of this connection can be found in an event in California. 56-year-old Tracy Granger was driving on a cliffside road when her car skidded on an icy patch. Her car careened several hundred feet down the mountainside.

Miraculously, the vehicle landed safely, but with a fracture on her neck, pelvis, and some broken ribs, she couldn’t move and seek help. The story gets interesting after this.

Granger knew she was in an isolated place where no one might find her, so she began to reach out to her husband telepathically. She desperately sent a message to her husband through her mind.

Her husband, thousands of miles away, immediately picked up on the signal and reported her missing. After nine hours, rescuers found Granger suffering from hypothermia and unconscious.

The rescuers were able to take her to the hospital immediately, where she fully recovered. She believes her survival was due to the telepathic connection she shares with her husband.

Telepathy and Animals

Animals can also use telepathy. Thus, it begs the question: if your fluffy cat can do it, why can’t you?

Aside from your sneaky household pets, the great whales under the sea are an amazing example of animals communicating on this level. They can send signals to other whales, even those that are thousands of miles away.

Animals such as dolphins and monkeys also exhibit this ability. Some humans are self-proclaimed animal whisperers who claim that they can communicate with animals directly via telepathy.

If you want to be further convinced about telepathy, you can dig through animal research for more clues.

Top 6 Signs That You Have Telepathic Abilities

You probably have experienced odd instances of telepathy. There is a razor-thin distinction between the terms: psychic, premonition, and straight out telepathic ability.

What you probably attributed to luck may simply be a sign of your telepathic powers manifesting. The following are some signs that show that you have budding telepathic abilities.

You’re feeling a distinct sensation on your third eye

Do you often suffer from headaches or sensations close to the center of your forehead? Erase all doubts since this can be a sign that your telepathic powers are growing. Your third eye is a core part of your chakra and is located between the eyebrows.

Tingling sensations or tension in this area usually has a couple of causes. Either your third eye is expanding, or you are sensing telepathic energy. When this happens, don’t panic. As you improve your abilities, these sensations are significantly reduced.

You are an empath

The power of telepathy and empathy are often connected. Empathy is the capacity to know others’ feelings on a deep level, while telepathy is knowing others’ thoughts.

If you are an empath, you can grow this gift to become a true telepath.

You are tuned in to the spirit world

To begin with, those who are telepathic are often drawn to spiritual and mystical subjects even before they realize they possess such power. It is because your subconsciousness knows the truth of your inner being, even if you haven’t fully awakened yet.

If you have a lifelong dedication to spiritual practices such as meditation, connecting to ancestors, reviewing akashic records, or simply having a yearning to be with the natural world, you have a good chance of telepathic gifts that has yet to be discovered and upgraded.

You can be a lie detector 

Do you get that uneasy feeling when someone is telling you a half-truth? Telepathic individuals have heightened senses and can pick up when what someone is saying is inaccurate. Whether they realize it or not, their inner thoughts and intentions are giving them away.

You get a direct message from others

Once you have honed your telepathy skills, you will start knowing the thoughts of others directly. This can be likened to clairaudience. You hear the thoughts of others clearly in your head. Either that or you just intuitively know. Telepathy allows you to discover what others are thinking.

You are able to send messages to others

Telepathy is not just about being tuned in to the thoughts of others. It also means being able to send messages. Some people can even implant messages to others and send thoughts and images. Of course, this skill will require a good deal of practice.

Top 5 Ways to Level up Your Telepathic Abilities

Like other psychic abilities leveling up, your ability to send and receive messages mentally can be likened to building your muscles. In the absence of a mentor, the process can seem confusing and overwhelming. If you’re looking for steps to increase your telepathic abilities doing the following is a good place to begin:

Learn to meditate effectively

A solid meditation ritual is one of the best ways to hone your telepathic abilities. Contrary to popular notions, meditation is so much more than being in a relaxed state and chanting.

Meditation is a method where you train your mind to have razor focus. It is also one of the best ways to control and possibly redirect your thoughts.

Try to visualize the following in your head. Imagine that you are on the other side of a busy highway and your friend is on the other. You shout, but she can’t hear you over the noise of cars zooming past.

Each time you open your mouth, the booming sounds emitted by the cars drown your message. If your mind is untrained, it is similar to this highway. Your thoughts are cluttered. Only with a mind that has clarity and focus will you be able to connect and tap into your own consciousness and thus effectively connect with the consciousness of others.

Know your strengths

Some people will be gifted in certain areas of telepathy. You might be a better sender, while others will be better as receivers. Neither is superior to the other. Similar to sports or musical instruments, some people have a more natural talent for a particular activity.

It is recommended that you work with what you are already good at, and once you have refined that skill, you can improve on other abilities.

But what skill do you possess exactly? What usually happens to you in the following scenario?

Do you message a friend who says that they have been thinking of you, or do you imagine a person in your head, and then they suddenly call? If you are the former, you are likelier to be a receiver, and if you are the latter, you are likelier to be a sender.

Practice by receiving messages telepathically

When you interact with others, make an effort to pick up on what is going on in their minds but are not saying. You might get the frequency of feelings rather than words. You can even try this method with your significant other, parents, siblings, or a friend.

Alternately, have others think of thoughts and see if you can receive their message. Just make sure you’re working with someone with an open mind and not a skeptic. Otherwise, you might encounter negative blocks.

Practice sending message telepathically

When it comes to telepathy, practice does make perfect. There is no way to know if you are sending your message efficiently unless you are actively practicing it. One way to do this is a simple exercise called hello and goodbye.

When you enter a room full of people or greet someone across the street, greet them as you typically would with a wave, smile, or a verbal hello. However, in your mind, instead of saying hello, say goodbye.

The crucial part is you must watch the other person’s reaction. If they show facial reactions of confusion or surprise, they probably got your mental message. They will not say it loud, but they will react nonverbally.

Do research and practice telepathic exercises 

You might want to embark on research and look for other ways of leveling up your telepathic muscle once you have mastered basic tasks.

One good telepathic task is the deck of cards. You can use playing cards, tarot cards, or an Oracle deck. Sit in a different location from your partner, where you can still see each other. The person who will be the transmitter should pick four cards from the deck.

After looking at the card, the sender or transmitter must relax and focus on the card’s image in their mind’s eye and send this mental image to the person who will act as the receiver.

The job of the receiver is to accept the message and then send it back to the sender. You can switch roles for additional practice.

It is crucial always to trust your intuition and gut instinct and never second-guess. Practice this whether you are acting as sender or receiver.

Answers to Common Questions About Telepathy


How Do You Communicate with Your Twin Flame Soulmate Telepathically?

Focus intensely on your message rather than the person. You should feel an intuitive pull once you have sent it. Shortly after, you should receive a response. The communication via telepathy occurs in universal frequencies stemming from your intertwined higher selves. If you are indeed twin flame soulmates, you share a higher self besides sharing a soul.

What Is the Scientific Basis of Telepathy?

The organ identified to be responsible for telepathy is the pineal gland located at the back of the head. Scientists affirm that it releases melatonin. However, it is also a radar or a sort of antenna for receptions. These are your gut feelings, especially when you feel something is not right. It may urge you to call a relative or friend and find out that they are in a crisis. You have a feeling that you have been reading their thoughts. It is common knowledge the twins and married couples of many years have a telepathic connection all the time. On the other hand, channeling may be confused with telepathy, wherein a person allows a being from the higher realms to enter their consciousness and send a message.

In Conclusion…

Telepathy may sound like a crazy idea. It may rouse the skeptic in you, and your right brain will give you tons of reasons why you shouldn’t believe this phenomenon. But will you continuously accept that you are ordinary and incapable of doing something superhuman? Some live awake, and some sleepwalk through life. Maybe it is time to open your eyes and see the other side and explore the unknown. As humanity strives to reach heightened awareness, we become closer to touching the fantastic and amazing in which telepathy is only a part.






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