Merely touching an object and finding your head spinning with vivid images about the object’s history seems like a cool superpower. Objects such as personal items are silent witnesses of its owners’ tale. Psychometric abilities would be amazing for detective work and solving crimes. It is a known fact that psychics aid police in solving crimes. Psychometry is just one of the many superhuman abilities offered by psychics.

Psychometry Explained

Psychometry and scrying are related abilities. But psychometry refers to seeing something that is not readily seen. In scrying, the psychic utilizes mediums such as crystal balls, black glass, or even the water’s surface to see visions. In psychometry, these vivid sensations happen through touch. This ability helps sense the owner’s personality, what they did, and in certain cases, how they died.

Most importantly, the psychic can sense what the person was feeling at a particular time. Emotions are strongly embedded in the object. The accuracy of readings can vary depending on the psychic’s abilities.

History of Psychometry

Psychometry originates from the Greek word psychic, meaning soul, and Metatron meaning measure. It was first coined by an American professor of physiology, Joseph Buchanan. In one experiment, he placed various drugs in glass vessels and asked his students to identify the liquid merely by holding the glass. They had an outstanding success rate, which can be attributed to more than chance. He published the results in a journal. As an explanation for the phenomenon, he theorized that every object consists of a soul with memory. This memory is a record that can be harnessed by the skill of a psychometrist.

3 Facts About Psychometry

Psychics Receive the Frequencies of an Object

Psychics explain that information rushes through them when they touch objects. These objects hold the emotions and record the actions of the owner. The concept of vibrations is not only for new-age enthusiasts. It is proven by science. The past is not entirely lost and still retained. It can be accessed by human perception. At a subatomic level, all matter are essentially vibrations. Consciousness and reality persist in a kind of hologram that has a record of the past, present, and future. Psychometrists can tap into this recorded memory.

A Cosmic Hologram

Energies and memories don’t fade into oblivion. It is recorded in a cosmic hologram and can be accessed over and over again. Some psychic researchers suggest that an object’s history is recorded by its aura. The aura is a field of energy that surrounds humans as well as objects. An explanation for this is the human mind radiates auras in many directions. The aura is broad and reaches several meters from the physical body. It leaves an imprint within objects in its orbit.

To the naked eye, objects appear solid. But upon closer examination, they are porous and contain numerous holes. These tiny crevices serve as a repository of the aura of the person who owns the object. Since the mind generates the aura, objects worn on the head can transmit more vivid visualizations.

A Special Form of Clairvoyance

According to experts, the skill of psychometry falls under clairvoyance. The person performing psychometry accesses psychic impressions directly from the objects via telepathy. The psychic may learn facts about the person’s life, including events in the past and present. The object serves as a focusing medium to help the mind harness energy and vision.

What Does a Psychometrist Do?

Some have the impression that beings from higher realms control a psychometrist. But studies explained that it is a natural ability of the human mind. They believe that the skill of psychometry is a latent ability in all human beings.

A psychometrist is a person who has psychometric abilities. By merely holding an object, they can tell you the history behind it. They can tell the experiences and personality of the person who owned the object. Everyone can feel and sense energy. You might have experienced having an odd feeling about a certain object, especially when you hold it. You might suddenly have goosebumps. It takes practice to refine the skill of psychometry. The adage everything takes practice is especially true when you’re trying to enhance psychic abilities such as psychometry.

4 Steps to Follow in a Psychometric Reading

  1. Go to an area with zero distractions. Sit, relax your body, and close your eyes. Put your hands on your lap with your palms facing up.
  2. Close your eyes and ask someone to place the object in your hands. It is crucial that the other person stay quiet. It is best if you don’t know who the person is that placed the object on your hand. It is crucial that the object is in the possession of the owner for a long time. Experts believe that metal objects are the best medium. According to their theories, metals have a better record.
  3. Stay still. Allow the images and feelings to flood you. As they enter, speak out what comes. Don’t try to filter the impressions. Say everything you see, hear, and feel as you hold the object in your hand. Try not to judge your impressions though they may be strange, taboo, or meaningless. They are all significant to the owner of the object. Keep in mind that some impressions may be hazy, but others will be detailed.
  4. Don’t think about accuracy, especially when you are doing it for the first time. Even the most skilled psychometrists will have an accuracy rate of 80 to 90%. According to experts, the important thing is to be confident that you will get more accurate psychic readings. Try not to guess or figure out the likely history of objects. Do not analyze or interpret your impressions to see if they make sense. Do not control the images and feelings that come to you. In some cases, strange and unexpected images are likely to be the most correct.

In Conclusion…

When you go to an estate sale or enter a shop that sells antiques, the objects therein will have heavier energy. It is crucial to ground and center your energies when you touch these objects to have a more vivid picture in your mind. Psychometry helps you work with the spirit world and makes you realize that energies never really die. These energies and memories live on, especially those with sentimental value and profound meaning in our lives.


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