We Are All Born Psychic. Are You Ready to Reclaim This?

learn to be psychicI first came to know that we are all born psychic when I spent time with the Australian aborigines.

From 1998-2001, my father worked as a flying doctor, and I had the unique opportunity to visit numerous remote aboriginal communities.

I remember flying over the huge expanse of the Great Sandy Desert, eagerly anticipating my first adventure to the middle of nowhere. As the small plane puttered over the horizon, I sat, my face pressed against the window, transfixed by the arid beauty of the landscape.

The massive mounds of crater like mountains rising out of a terrain devoid of vegetation, was impressive, but not as impressive as the ochre coloured red soil.

It was so vibrant, so bold, that it seemed to overshadow everything else in the desert, and as I quickly came to learn, this was true in the communities too.

No matter how much one tried to get it off boots, out of clothes, the house or the dog’s fur, the red soil stuck. It left its stain on everybody and everything.

how to become psychicPsychic Phenomena

Within a couple of days of being at my first community, I experienced psychic phenomena.

I was in the clinic with my father, when a primary school group going for a walk in the bush abandoned their nature walk because the children could see spirits hiding behind the trees.

The group had congregated outside the clinic and were chatting excitedly about what they’d seen, the clinic aid workers hurrying to join them, not wanting to miss the ‘ghost gossip.’

I spent that afternoon listening to story after story about ghosts, ancestors, curses, spirits and witch doctors. I was astounded that being psychic was normal here, and this was just the start of what I learnt and experienced.

A Different Kind Of Normal…

Almost everyday I’d somehow find myself in a conversation with somebody that pertained to the paranormal.

I was told about shamans that could instantly heal everything from broken backs, to paranoia, to child diseases. Ancestors, which whispered to children through the wind, guiding them on how to stay out of trouble.

I was told about how ‘dreaming’ and ‘scrying’ are important, and that these dreams and visions are openly shared. I even experienced first hand telepathy between two groups of aborigines that were 110 kilometres apart! It was unbelievable what these people knew that they, rationally, couldn’t possibly know.

They knew when another ‘mob’ would unexpectedly arrive, and exactly where their children or family members were that they hadn’t seen all day or for months, and this wasn’t because they had mobile phones. When I visited the communities there weren’t any.

becoming psychicGetting To Know Your Sixth Sense

The Aboriginal people belong to the best trackers in the world and it isn’t just because they know the bush. They rely on their sixth sense, and in their culture doing so is considered normal.

While I was in this community, I also had many ‘white fellas’ tell me how they never believed in spirits and psychic ability before, but quickly changed their mind once they came out here!

Interested to know why psychic ability prevailed in the communities and not in western society, I one day asked Nancy, the aboriginal aid worker in the clinic, if most Aboriginal people were psychic and could see spirits.

Of course we are, “ she replied, “because we still have the eyes to see. You white fellas have lost ‘the eyes’.

Standing Out

I was born psychic, and as long as I can remember I’ve been able to know everything about a person by reading their aura, however growing up with this ability was no fun.

I was always in trouble for telling the truth or knowing what I shouldn’t have. Adults often said I “acted too old for my age” and that there was something abnormal about me because a “child of my age shouldn’t know so much.

I had prophetic dreams and frequent visions but sensing that it was not accepted to share them, I kept them to myself, trapping them within myself and my own mind. This made me feel crazy and weird.

I felt cursed, and sadly, my childhood was often a lonely time of estrangement and ostrazisation.

So you can imagine how life-changing it was for me to learn that in other cultures psychic ability was normal! And not only that, revered!

I left that community a changed woman. Boarding the small plane bound for the Sydney, I knew my life had started anew.

Empowered with the knowledge that being psychic is normal and how we are supposed to be, I returned to my city life with a life mission: to help modern mystics return to their true selves.

white light healingYou were born psychic. Claim this amazing ability!

Everyone has the ability to reclaim this wonderful and profound ability. But it takes time, effort, energy, and intent. You MUST want it and commit to it. To help you get started, here are three tips to guide you back to your psychic self.

Tip 1: Do a regular chakra cleanse meditation.

To have an open and active chakra 6 you need to have chakras 1 – 5 healthy and open. Doreen Virtue says in her book, The Lightworker’s Way, that chakra cleansing was the main reason she quickly re-claimed her psychic and intuitive gifts. It is the fastest and most effective way to get psychic fast!

Tip 2: Pay attention to what you see, feel and hear.

Psychics take their information from subtle vibrations and energy. We are used to decoding energy and information and interpreting it for people. Most of us don’t have full-blown psychic experiences in which we are bombarded my information and insights (if we did we wouldn’t be able to function in the world). Rather, we get small and subtle impressions that we know are accurate. To become psychic you need to take note of what you see, feel and hear when you meditate or try to read people’s energy. In time you will be able to easily interpret this information and it will be accurate.

Tip 3: Work with the White Light.

The White Light is a powerful, spiritual and psychic energy. It not only cleans and clears all of our chakras, it also, smoothly and gently, opens up our chakra 6 making us psychic. Every week I send thousands of people from all over the world White Light. I do this for free, and many of these people have experienced profound healings, shifts and life changes. If you’d like to benefit from the free service, and let me help you cleanse and balance your chakras and become psychic, check out my Facebook page listed below.

In White Light + Love,

About Belinda Davidson

Belinda Davidson is a well-known medical intuitive, teacher, healer and public speaker. Often described as a spiritual change agent, thought leader for her generation, visionary, and seer, she feels most comfortable with being called a modern mystic. She is “a modern-day woman with one foot in this world, and one foot in the other.” Get free access to her chakra course and White Light healings at www.belindadavidson.com.

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