choicePinWhat do you see when you take a look at the life you have created around you?

“Hmmm – I didn’t create all this,” you say????


I used to think that way too but somewhere along the way I learned that my life was in fact ALL ABOUT ME and reflected honestly wherever I was at in my own personal growth and development.

You may not realize it but you are constantly choosing the life you see around you.  Whatever you don’t like remains not because you truly want it, but rather because you choose not to act to shift things in the direction you would prefer.

And that leads me to the simple secret to creating a life of your own design:


Every choice matters because every choice sets in motion a flow of energy that brings results.

And it is energy that precedes the form and structure – the design that your life takes.

Whenever you feel STUCK in your career (or your life) you are sitting at a powerful pivot point of choice.

You may think you have to accept the ways things are:

  • you may have to accept a salary that doesn’t reflect your value and contribution
  • you may have to accept a bullying boss
  • you may have to put aside your own dreams of entrepreneurship because whatever it is you have to offer isn’t ‘special’ enough

But in that exact moment – in that very thought – comes that powerful pivot point!

You are being called to CHOOSE a way forward.

Fear of having such a power can grind you to a halt, especially if you want the assurance that your next step, your next decision is the RIGHT one.

Truth is there is no “perfect” choice in any one situation so not choosing out of fear of making a “mistake” is still a choice – one that stops you from moving forward in your life.

And here’s the magic in the simple secret of CHOICE.

happy choices life purposePinYou don’t get to do it just once – you get to CHOOSE and CHOOSE AGAIN.

If you embrace that idea – that you can change your mind – that you can choose and choose again – then you begin to participate in the energetic playground you know as the universe.

The universe is your impartial experimental laboratory; choice is the secret ingredient in the formula that makes the most of the experiment called your life.

Even the smallest choices matter from how you choose to begin your day, to the food you eat, the company you keep, the words you speak and the actions you take.

Every thought, emotion or action is another opportunity for conscious choice-making.

You may not be able to choose to give yourself a ten percent salary raise but you can choose how you approach your work.  You can choose your attitude, your behavior and your communication.  You can ask for what you need.

You may not get it but the choice of asking is still important because it keeps you moving forward – choosing with conscious intent is always empowering.  And the more you practice conscious choice the more empowered you become in every area of life.

Choice moves you out of victimization.

Choice and exercising your power of choice in all its forms is about freedom – personal and societal. With your power of choice you can write your own rules, ones that call forth the highest and best of who you truly are.

As you CHOOSE to alter whatever situation you are unhappy with, you will find that life shifts around you.  Relationships especially will change.  Every new choice you make will bring ripple effects throughout your world.  Not all those ripple effects will be easy but eventually they will help you create the new flow of your life.

Take some time and ask yourself these questions (and make up some of your own!):

  • What do I need and want in my work?
  • What do I need and want in my relationships?
  • How do I want to express my creativity?
  • What do I need and want for my health and well-being?
  • What do I need and want through my connection to spirit?

You have within you the answers you need and you have within you the incredible power of choice; and it is choice that gives you the opportunity to create a life of your own design – a beautiful life that is a true reflection of the many aspects of who you are.