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Even though we can’t always see it, can’t reach out and grab it, or hold it in your hands, it’s present.

And either it’s powerful AF, or it’s deactivated.

We can feel it emanating from others, and when it courses through our veins we feel on top of the world – like wearing an invincibility cloak.

As Star Wars reminded us, “The force is within you” and each of us has the power and ability to tap in, but are we listening? Or do we even know how?

The truth is your sexual mojo affects everything you do.

How you show up.

Your level of self-esteem.

The way others treat you.

And how successful your business is or isn’t.

Time to move that energy and get our sexual mojo juices flowing.

Here are 4 reasons why healing sexual energy is important in all aspects of our life.

1. Helps you stay in alignment with your soul’s purpose

When you’re out of alignment, everything in life is just a little bit tougher. Things don’t seem to flow with ease and our soul’s purpose isn’t even in the rearview mirror. Your sexual energy is one of the most powerful keys to unlocking your natural-born gifts. When you avoid connecting with your sexual energy it impacts your life by misaligning you to your truth. With this important connection, you’ll adopt a greater understanding of how to use your sexual energy to manifest your heart’s desires.

2. Your mojo affects your moolah

Surprised? My guess is no. Think back to a time where you felt so in control, on top of your game and when everything seemed to fall into place, with ease. Your sexual energy has a direct correlation with your career success. It helps you set and maintain healthy boundaries. Whether you’re employed or run a business, you can’t hide the presence or absence of sexual energy. When you’ve got it, you’re more authentic and likable. You show up with more confidence, and stop playing small. You’re in alignment with your soul and this energy is contagious to everyone around you.

3. Seeking validation vs. empowerment

Sexual energy has gotten a bad rap due to misconceptions our society has conjured up and forced fed back to us. Through the media’s influence, sexuality has become a grey area confused with all sorts of underlying messages. Misuse of sexual energy comes from the ego’s need for validation. Through empowerment, we heal the misconceptions around sexual power by clearing imprinting from society, culture or upbringing. When we clear these out, we can finally empower our sexual energy for a greater purpose – expressing the authentic truth within us.

4. Unlock your true potential

Did you know that your sexual energy plays a powerful key to your life’s purpose and all of your creations? Our creativity comes through when we allow ourselves to step up and fully express the truth of who we are to the core. We’re not built to repress our authentic self, and yet unfortunately so many of us walk around masked. Whether it’s lifestyle, relationships, creativity or success, sexual energy parallels all facets of life. The more you deflect your sexual energy the more contraction you have. Which of course means the opposite is true – the more you embrace your sexual mojo, the more expansion you’re present to, allowing you a great sense of inner freedom and joy.

Sexual energy has a different definition to everyone. But the truth is it needs to be redefined and the thoughts around it need to be rewired. Only then can we fully step up and embrace the gifts we were born with.

Empower your sexual energy
Empower your purpose and gifts
Empower your business

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