Decipher Your Most Mysterious Personality Quirks With This Powerful Self-Profiling Kit (Part 3)

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5 Steps To Finding Your Crystal Allies & How They Can Power-Up The Clues In Your Numerological Chart.

In this 4-part blog series, we’ll show you how to combine the power of color, crystals, and astrology with that of numerology to achieve far greater self-understanding and personal growth. In Part 1, we shared a few essential numerology basics and wisdom on how to power-up your numbers with a mixed medium self-profiling kit unlike anything you’ve seen before. In Part 2, we revealed the meanings behind different colors and the ways they can be used to further decipher the clues in your numerological chart to reveal your complete Personality Profile. Today, in Part 3, we share 5 simple steps to choose your “crystal allies” or the gems you should work with (or, rather, which gems want to work with YOU)! In Part 4, we’ll wrap up this series by explaining how the stars and planets fit into all of this and precise ways you can combine these mediums to power-up your life – starting today!

Crystals – Harmonizing With Powerful Allies

Purple amethyst crystals close-upCrystals aid healing and personal growth. Each crystal embodies certain frequencies which will harmonize with your energy, when you are willing to attune to them.

For example, unconditional love can be amplified when you wear gemstones such rose quartz or a malachite. If you want to develop psychic and intuitive skills, you can carry, meditate with or wear quartz crystal. If you feel ungrounded, bloodstone, hematite or even Tiger’s Eye will do the trick.

There’s an obvious correlation between gemstone colors and the color chart in Part 2. Again, this has to do with frequency. So when you’re not certain which gemstone to work with, here’s a simple way to make a choice:

  • Step 1: Consider the color chart to determine the energies you’d like to amplify in your life.
  • Step 2: Visit a crystal shop and ‘hang around’ in the area of stones of that color.
  • Step 3: Breath deeply, keeping your mind relaxed, without attempting to figure out which stone is “right”.
  • Step 4: You might find yourself drawn to several different gemstone. That’s great! Just ‘hang out’ with a few for awhile.
  • Step 5: Eventually, you’ll know you want to ‘stay connected’ to a stone or two. Now you know which one(s) are ready to work with you!

Once you’ve followed the steps above, let us know which crystal allies are calling you to work with them right now! Just leave your comments below.

In Part 4 of this series (released very soon), we’ll dive into the secrets astrology and the ways it can be used to further decipher the clues in your numerological chart to reveal your complete Personality Profile.

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Stay tuned for Part 4 of this Self-Profiling Series, it will be ready soon.

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Dawn & The Numerologist Team

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