Want to raise your vibration?

It’s not just about focussing on the good things and trying to stay happy (we all know life’s a little more complicated than that, right?)

Learning to raise your vibration, or increase your level of consciousness is a gradual, layer by layer practice that takes many years, and a lot of sustained effort. And it’s actually as much about what you DON’T do, as what you do. So instead of giving you the pressure of even more things to fit into your already-busy schedule, here are 5 things you need to STOP doing, to raise your vibration today…

Pin1. STOP Judging, Criticizing and Labelling Yourself

Why are we each our own worst critics?

How often do you think and say unkind things about yourself, that you’d never imagine saying to another human? Even people with supernatural amounts of compassion, that they gladly shower onto others rarely save much for themselves.

Surprisingly, it’s the folks on this path of spiritual development, on a mission to elevate their frequency who can be the most guilty of judging and criticizing themselves. Because we set goals for ourselves, have expectations, and are striving SO hard to improve, we often create unattainable standards and measure ourselves up to the highest of heights. Which means that if you don’t do that hours meditation every day, you’ve failed. If you got angry and let a negative thought (or two or three, or a hundred…) creep in, you’ve failed. And if you’re not living a life as ridiculously “spiritual” looking, as the ones splashed across those carefully curated Instagram feeds, you’ve definitely failed!

Noooo you haven’t!

But it’s a super-easy trap to fall into. Because contrary to what you may believe:

Raising your vibration is not about attainment, it’s about acceptance.

PinAnd the moment you release self-judgment, criticism and stop labeling yourself as one thing or another, you free yourself and your energetic vibration to rise.

The Spiritual path has to include radical amounts of self-compassion, or energetically, you simply won’t allow yourself to make that shift and ascend. It doesn’t matter how much work you do – without this missing piece, you’ll simply stay stuck in a soup of low-frequency vibes.

2. STOP Blaming Other People

Blaming other people for things they’ve done (or not done) to you, is like locking a ball and chain around your own ankle. Holding onto grudges and blame is a super-powerful way of keeping yourself in a low vibrational state, for two reasons.

1. If you’re blaming somebody for anything that has occurred in your life, then you’re keeping yourself stuck in a victim mentality.

Sure, maybe someone did “do” something to you. I’m not telling you that if you got attacked in the street, you somehow “attracted” it into your field, no way. But you DO have a choice about whether you continue to embody the role of the victim or rise above it. In all likelihood, that attack had nothing to do with you personally – it was the result of a set of circumstances, thoughts and decisions belonging to another human, someone whose perspective you cannot know. So behaving like a victim to those circumstances which aren’t yours is keeping you small, and your vibration low.

2. Blaming others for things which have occurred in your life keeps your energy field in a state of defensiveness.

And this defensiveness IS what will end up attracting the same, or a similar situation back into your life. Until you let go of the energetic chord, which is blame, you risk being stuck in a low vibrational karmic cycle that you can’t escape from.

3. STOP Eating Refined and Processed Junk Food

There are many reasons that eating junk food keeps your vibration low.

Most of it has low nutritional value, full stop.

A lot of junk food has also been mass produced very cheaply and with little care or attention along the chain. This means it has a very real negative energetic impact on the vibratory level of the finished products you end up eating (yep, everything has an energetic resonance, including your food). Whereas, slow-grown, fresh and local food created by artisans who love their craft is better for you (most of the time) because of the love and positive energy that flows into the food that ends up on your table! So when it enters your body and becomes part of you, so does the love!

PinA lot of junk food has an acidic effect on the body, which dulls the body’s vitality, making it harder for it to function at a basically healthy level. Processed sugars, salt, and fats clog up your system, actually preventing vital nutrients from getting through and forcing your body to use more energy in digestion than it gets in return. So if your body is already struggling with the basics, your vibration will struggle to get off the ground.

So, where possible, swap refined and processed food for fresh.

Learn to notice the difference between food that simply stimulates (hello fat, sugar and salt) and food that actually energizes. So If you feel sluggish after a meal, it could be time to switch things up. That high vibration won’t create itself.

4. STOP Consuming Negative Media

Most of the media that’s manufactured to grab your attention does it by hooking into your pain points. It’s designed to make you feel fearful, scared, anxious, inadequate, too fat, too thin, too ugly, too insignificant, the list goes on…

A lot of this is so subtle that it happens on a subconscious level and the worst part is, consuming this kind of media can be addictive. Because if you keep reading articles about war and suffering, you (as a fully feeling human) will start to empathize with feelings of war and suffering. And your vibrational level will start to match those feelings even when you’re not reading or watching the news about those things. Then because you’re in that low vibrational state, you’ll seek out circumstances to reinforce how you feel. You’ll see them in the world around you, in your home and community. You’ll scroll through your Facebook feed looking for even more articles about war and suffering and (thanks, Facebook algorithms) you’ll surely find them.

Cue plummeting vibrational frequency.

PinBreak the chain. Spend less time on social media. Turn off the radio. Close the newspaper. Resist the temptation to fill the gaps with digital media. and instead, tune into gratitude and everything around you that is truly awesome. Resonate with that instead.

5. STOP Spending Time With People Who Keep Your Vibration Low

I’m not talking about folks who need your help, or even people who are decidedly “unspiritual” (you don’t have to be “woke” to be doing incredible things which are raising the frequency of the collective!) I’m talking about through-and-through negative people who repeatedly get you down and drain your energy. People who don’t have your back. People who stand in the way of you and your dreams. People who think, talk and act negatively and encourage you to do the same.

One of the single best things you can do to raise your frequency is to stop spending time with folks like this and feel no shame in saying “no” to them. Perhaps you feel a sense of duty or responsibility to bring them along for the ride into higher consciousness with you? Well, newsflash: it’s not your job. The greatest thing you can do is fly, and be the example from afar.

What have YOU given up doing, that’s had a profound impact on your personal frequency? Share your experiences with us in the comments below, let’s help each other rise!