Most of us are born psychic.

Some people are able to keep their psychic gifts throughout life, honing them, using them as intuitive guidance.

Yet for others, their psychic abilities are simply forgotten about as they grow into adulthood: they’re suppressed, hidden, or simply fade away. Yet psychic and intuitive gifts rarely fade away completely.

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What is Clairsentience?

Clairsentience is a particular strand of psychic ability and pertains to inner feeling.

You may already have some clairsentient capacity. Maybe you tend to get a “gut feeling” about something, or get tingles, goose-bumps or shivers of excitement? Or maybe you get called “oversensitive” (or did as a child)?

These are all signs that you have clairsentience, yet that it could be developed a little more.

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For the record, there are 4 “clairs” in total. These are:

Follow the links above to discover more about the other clairs. Here, let’s dive into what YOU can do to strengthen and develop your clairsentience…

1. Clean up your environment

Most of us don’t realize the impact that our environment has on our nervous systems. Even empaths can neglect this – thinking it’s only other people that affect how you feel. But here, we’re talking both your geographical environment – whether you live in a city or countryside, and what other landmarks are close by, for eg –  AND your home environment.

  • Are you constantly being bombarded by external stimuli?
  • Is your environment toxic? Or a tonic?
  • What do you see, hear, smell, and soak up energetically on a daily basis?
  • Does your environment make constant requests of you? (Tidy me up! Do this task! Clean this surface!)

All of these factors affect your potential clairsentience. Because if your nervous system – that is, how your body is able to feel – is already being activated and forced into response mode by your 3D reality, it will have a hard time tapping into the more subtle realms. 

The solution is to clear up your living space. Develop ways of ensuring your home is soothing and relaxing to be in. Put things ways, and keep some order. All objects emit a vibration, and too many clashing energetics can interrupt your psychic development.

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2. Practice “feeling” information from Photographs

Using photographs is a great technique for developing those clairsentient muscles. Borrow a photograph or two from a friend of some other people you’ve never met.

  1. Simply hold a photo in your hands.
  2. With eyes either open or closed, try to open up your own energy field, and allow any intuitive hits to come through.
  3. Try not to question or control your intuition, focussing gently on any feelings or emotions that come to you.
  4. Write down your emotional insights, and then ask your friend to clarify info what you gleaned.

3. Borrow a Pet

If you don’t have a furry friend of your own, borrow a pet and simply hang out!

Without words to communicate with, animals require a different kind of connection. You will very quickly realize that animals respond to emotion. If you’re feeling relaxed, so will your fur baby. Yet if you’re feeling stressed, or anxious then your pet will pick up on this.

This is a great foundation, from which to start a psychic dialogue with your pet. Using your emotions, can you communicate? Can you send simple requests via this psychic sense? And in the same way, can you tap into what your pet wants or is feeling, simply by activating your intuitive ability?

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6. Strengthen your Heart Chakra

This central chakra is the gateway to your clairsentience. This is because the heart chakra enables feeling. If you can develop the ability to feel into the subtle realms (which doesn’t’ necessarily mean having strong feelings, it means increasing how sensitive you are) then your clairsentience will have a much better chance of developing.

Many people also connect the sacral chakra to clairsentient ability, aka, that gut feeling. And it’s true that the second chakra is an important energy center for empaths to learn to control. Yet just as important is strengthening the heart chakra.

Most clairsentient people have strong, balanced heart chakras and continually work on clearing the vibration of their emotional energy.


5. Control Your Empathic Ability

Are you an empath?

If you’re drawn to clairsentience, then it’s highly likely (Take this test to find out). Yet you can be an empath, and NOT have clairsentient ability… Or to be more precise, it’s quite possible you haven’t yet learned to control your ability and develop it into the psychic power that it could be.

Take a look at the resources below. Begin to work with your empathy, and perceive it as the spiritual gift that it is. Then you’ll be able to harness it, and open up your emotional field to the more subtle realms of clairsentience, and at the same time staying energetically protected.

6. Get out into Nature

Related to the very first point about your environment, getting out into nature often enough is an absolute must if you’re to begin to tap into your clairsentient self.

Nature helps to clear out the aura. It stabilizes your energetic field, and your chakras, it soothes your emotions, and is a vital tool in the overall development of clairsentience!

What’s so beautiful about nature as an aid for clairsentient connection, is that you don’t have to “do” anything. Nature gives you the opportunity to just be, enhancing clear feeling without effort.

Try to spend some time outside in a natural place every day, and take note of your emotional state before and after.

If you have any questions, try connecting to your Spirit Guides through meditation when you’re out in a natural place.

Being away from the noise and distractions of your everyday environment, will enable you to tune more deeply into the intuitive messages you receive.

Are YOU clairsentient? What are your three top tips and techniques for strengthening your gifts (and not getting overwhelmed with emotion?) Drop a comment below and let us know!

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