Negative self-talk is a rampant dis-ease we would do well to heal as soon as possible.

One couple man and woman screaming shouting diputePinOf all the ways we humans are capable of harming ourselves in our modern world, perhaps the most insidious and epidemic is through the way we ‘talk’ to ourselves when we aren’t paying attention.

The way I see it, negative self-talk is a kind of hidden plague harming way too many people who could otherwise do such GOOD in the world.

The Law of Attraction

And how do I know that negative self-talk is rampant? Because I understand the Law of Attraction: that your vibration creates your life experience. And I see way too many good people who have the power to live wonderful lives drowning in stress, worry, poverty and unhappiness.

Now I don’t mean to suggest here that people living in war zones or desperate 3rd world conditions are to blame for their situation. There are indeed, other factors at work globally. These factors make it excruciatingly difficult for some people to escape misery.

What I am suggesting, however, is that those of us with the resources to do so (safe drinking water, shelter, a job, reasonable health … computer access to even read this post!) are more than capable of changing thoughts that stand in the way of greater happiness. Having a crappy life experience? They you’re vibration isn’t in alignment with your true nature as a divine being.

Improve your Thoughts – Improve your Vibration

If your vibration is outta whack, there are a number of things you can do to get it more aligned with your Sacred Nature. And the first of those is to get control of your thoughts! Because when you improve the quality of your thoughts, you will raise your vibration.

Simple, but not easy …

Attention + Responsibility = Uplift

In order to get control of negative self-talk, you’re going to have to start paying attention. You’re going to also have to take responsibility. No two ways about it: you, and only you are responsible for your thoughts. And this is true whether you are paying attention to them or not.

It may not seem fair, but it’s just the way our world works. It goes something like this:

  • Thought influences feeling
  • Feelings influence vibration
  • Vibration attracts manifestation
  • Then the cycle continues…

How to Heal your Negative Self-Talk

Here’s one of the best ways I’ve ever found to heal negative self talk. The process is the same as the one I taught you in my last Shadow Knows blog post. Here’s what you do …

Step 1: Listen for negative self-talk of all kinds that runs through your mind.
Step 2: Take 1 week to write down every negative thought on a list.
Step 3: Once you’ve a solid list of negativity written down, go through the list, writing a counter statement next to each negative one. Here’s an example: “You’ll never find a good man” … “Your Nature is love and good, loving men are all around.”
Step 4 (Optional): Make an audio recording of all these new, positive statements. (hint: if you only have a few, read through the list several times.)
Step 5: Listen to this recording every single night for at least 3 months, right as you are going to sleep.

When I did this it radically changed my life! So give this a go and then let me know in the comments below.

Many blessings,