PinFollowing the pagan wheel of the year, in the Northern Hemisphere the month begins with Beltane. In the Southern Hemisphere, it is Samhain. These holidays represent the polarities of Life and Death. In the North, it is a time of light and life. In the South, this is a time of darkness and death. And as with any polarities, light and dark, life and death are intertwined.

In both parts of the globe, the veil between worlds is believed to be thinner at this time. In the North, we can more easily connect with the faery realm. In the South, we can connect with and honor deceased ancestors and loved ones. It is also held that this time is a portal; a doorway for personal transformation. So although May is a beautiful month, it can also be challenging with its shifting energies.

The Sun will be largely in Venus-ruled Taurus. For this reason, self-love and self-worth are some key themes that may be good for us to work on at this time. We can aim to ground into our sense of worth and value.

We could also focus on clearing and discovering any blockages we may have to money and abundance. We can explore our values.

The heart chakra is a good energy center to work with this month.

And since Taurus is a fixed Earth sign, you could also focus on sensuality, slowing down and spending some time in nature.

Here is a Tarot and Oracle reading for May 2017:

From the Tarot-

  • Strength
  • 10 of Cups
  • 2 of Cups

Since there is a prevalence of Cups cards, this indicates that emotions and relationships may be relevant themes for some of us this month.

The Strength card’s message for us is about power. It tells us to be strong, have courage and confidence.

Working with the heart and/or solar plexus area may be good for us this month – especially the heart for most of us, I feel. We could work with Sun energy and there are many ways to do this. For example, you could carry solar crystals like citrine, burn frankincense, or wear yellow or gold. Working with Archangel Michael could also help you to tune into solar energy and confidence.

This card can also mean for some of us the theme of sexual energy, sexual union, life force, the kundalini and/or creativity.
Lastly another possible meaning from this card for you is the theme of connecting with Divinity. Like a cup, be open to receiving a pouring in of the Divine. Prayer may also be good to do at this time.

The 10 of Cups has a similar message to last month’s, and it is to move towards what gives you a feeling of fulfillment and gives you a sense of satisfaction. That feeling of fullness will ground you. Also, in Kabbalah 10 is a number of the Earthly realm and manifestation, so this card may also indicate the advice to focus on materialising something that you feel will fulfill you.

And for the 2 of Cups, the words “love” and “compassion” are coming up, along with a gentle, delicate energy. This could indicate romantic love, a sacred union and/or self-love as relevant themes for some of us.

It also could indicate a balance of giving and receiving in your relationships as a point of focus.

From the “Magic of Flowers” oracle deck-

PinDandelion/Make a Wish

The message from this card is to get very clear on what you desire. What do you wish for? What do you want? I mean, what do you really, really want?

Once you’ve reflected and gained some clarity, like the child in this image, release this desire out to the Universe with a calm certainty and trust that it is on its way to you. Visualize, believe, release and trust.

Also, the dandelion is a wildflower, and the message here is to get in touch with your wild self. The part of you that is instinctive and intuitive..the true primal part of yourself that is authentically untouched by socialization.. and see what it has to tell you!

Thank you so much for reading. I hope that these insights offer you helpful guidance for the month ahead.

Happy May!!