We’re now a whole third of the way through 2018, and entering the month of April.

Have you forgotten that we are actually sailing (pretty quickly!) through a pivotal 11 Universal Year?

It can be all too easy to get caught up in the little things, but don’t forget that the overarching energy of this powerful calendar year is resonating with the frequency of a Master Number!

11 is the Master Number of intuition, psychic connection and rapid manifestation

As the year progresses it is really important to stay aligned with these values. If you can manage this, you will end the year (and perhaps, even the month!) as a completely different person to the one you are today!

Your growing awareness of who you truly are, what you truly desire, and how you will fulfil your purpose is now at the very forefront of your experience …. Can you feel it?

This is not a time for shying away from your gifts.

It’s time to step up and live the life you desire and deserve!

It is no longer ok to tolerate living less than your full potential, receiving less than your worth, or letting others dictate to you who you are or what you should be doing with your life. It is time to face the truth: If you really want a life that is fulfilling to you, you must have the courage to live it on your terms.

It can feel like a daunting task, but the great news is that you needn’t do it alone! It is in your power to rally the forces of the Universe to support you in manifesting the successful and prosperous life you deserve, by calling upon the most magnificent spiritual messenger of them all…


Archangel Michael’s is known as the leader amongst Archangels. His name means, “he who is like God” because he is your unlimited resource for love and protection. His chief function is to free you from negativity and fear and assist you in fulfilling your divine purpose.

When you begin to work with Archangel Michael, your life will forever be changed for good. He’s your go-to resource for everything!

Here are just a few of the many ways you can receive support from the mighty Archangel Michael for healing, happiness, and prosperity:

Release you From your Fears

Archangel Michael is a warrior for peace.

He wields a massive sword of light that can cut through fears and free you from their destructive power. He can remove cords of attachment that you have with other people, places and circumstances, liberating you from codependent bonds.

Whenever you feel fear, simply call in Archangel Michael and say the following. He will assist you immediately:

“Archangel Michael, please free me from any fears or cords of attachment, so I can now experience peace, harmony and love. Thank you!”

Protect you From Negativity

Your natural state of being is love.

But because you are in constant energy exchange with the people and environment around you, you can be affected by others and your surroundings. Archangel Michael can shield your energy from unwanted influences and dissolve away disturbances in your own physical and energetic body. He can put a loving shield around you, allowing you to stay connected to others without being negatively impacted by them.

Within Archangel Michael’s powerful shield, all that is not love is immediately dissolved, released and transformed into light.

Simply say:

 “Archangel Michael, please wrap me in divine love and surround me with a shield of your white light. Thank you!”

Empower you with Courage

Love is the strongest energy in the Universe. And yet, the strength within angelic love is not about always being “nice”.  Archangel Michael teaches you to be a spiritual warrior, rather than focusing on pleasing people all the time. Feeling like you always need to accommodate others can prevent you from being direct, confident and forthright. If you are afraid to ask for what you want, or never take a chance on yourself because you fear being rejected, you will not experience the true wealth and happiness you deserve.

Archangel Michael can help you feel more confident at all times.

Call in Archangel Michael with the simple prayer below and you will feel ready to take on the world!

“Archangel Michael, remove all uncertainty from my energy field and replace it with the energy of confidence so I may pursue my purpose with courage. Thank you!”

Guide you to Prosperity

When you are living in your power and expressing your passions, you will naturally receive prosperity.

Archangel Michael can align you with your soul’s purpose and give you the courage, confidence, and determination to achieve all that you desire. If you are unsure about your divine gifts, or what your true direction is, he can guide you toward the decisions that will lead you to success.

When you ask for his guidance and support, he will keep you from getting dispirited or distracted, enabling you to fulfil your divine purpose and receive the material rewards that you deserve.

Simply say,

“Archangel Michael, please direct my steps toward success, prosperity, abundance, and love. Ensure that I have faith and believe in myself at all times. Thank you!”


Archangel Michael will be with you every step of your journey. Once you begin to call upon him, you will have the all the support, love, and protection you need. Your life will forever be enriched. You will experience heaven on earth!

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Angels work by divine timing

And Archangel Michael has been perching patiently in the wings, just waiting for the right moment to swoop down and flood abundance into every area of your life.

That moment is here.

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With so much love,

We’ll see you there.

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