Since the beginning of time shadowy figures have loomed and crept through our minds, feeding on our essence, and imprinting into our psyche. These creatures of the night embody our fears of the unknown, the seductive nature of the dark. The Vampires of folklore have become nothing more than popular fantasy, or some archetypal figure of lust, and total lose of control. But what if I told you vampires are real?

On a psychic level we are constantly encountering vampires. These psychic, or energy vampires as we call them are people who feed off of our energy and essence. Just like the vampires of folklore, psychic vampires stalk you, attach to your aura, and feed off of your essence. As sinister as it sounds, there is no blood involved, and often times these “feedings” happen unbeknownst to the person being fed upon.

psychic vampireWhat is a psychic vampire?

Vampires represent a deeply rooted, very intense archetypal energy. They are the primal force that lives within each of us that fights for vitality, essence, and survival. These shadowy creatures feed on life force, or in most myths, blood, in order to survive. In a way vampires are lonely creatures trying to fill the empty places of the soul.

Now take that into the real world, and we have the concept of the psychic vampire. Psychic vampires being the very real, very active personification of this mythological classic. And just like the vampires of folklore, psychic vampires feed off of your essence, your spiritual energy.

The psychic vampire is essentially an energetic parasite. They latch onto and feed from a source. Usually being a person, or persons who have a weakened sense of self, and a spiritual essence, or Aura, that is riddled with weak spots and holes. Weakened aura’s and troubled mental states are invitations for the psychic vampire.

In some ways I take pity on those who fulfill the role of the psychic vampire because it is a lonely reality whenever a person takes on the archetype of the vampire, they are in a world of darkness, deprivation, and despair. Energetic vampirism is born of a belief that nothing is good in the world, that there isn’t enough for everyone in the Universe. They are cut off from source, and feed on others to fill their void.

Detecting a psychic vampire

Usually a person is not aware of that they are feeding off of others energies. Being a psychic vampire is not a conscious effort, usually. Though these people will make radical steps toward twisting, manipulating and using people on some level, they never really know that they are taking a persons life force.

I would never say these people are evil. Most psychic vampires are just wounded people looking for a way to feel alive. Something within them has been wounded, and in an effort to find some control, they manipulate others.

Typically there is a vampire/victim relationship. In most co-dependent or abusive relationships there is a vampire/victim element happening. The vampire is the person who is dominating, and controlling. They breakdown the victim, feeding off of their mental and emotional energy. And on some level they victim believes they need the vampire, though in actuality the vampire needs them. But as you can see this is a two way street. The victim has provided the space for the vampire to feed.

Psychic vampires are generally cast into two categories.

The Manipulator

The first being the aggressive type who manipulates and seduces you. Sometimes these types are suave, charming, and lure you in like a snake. They take you over, and make you feel intoxicated. You desire their presence, and on some level their manipulation. In terms of abusive relationships, this is usually the type of psychic vampire we see.

Often these types of vampires are self-centered, very narcissistic, and love being the center of attention. They literally suck people in, and then feed off of their essence. You will find these types in powerful jobs, as they seduce their way into circles of people, infiltrating from the ground up.

They tend to be powerful, and in some ways invisible to the untrained eye. You may find yourself feeling really enchanted by these types, and tough you cannot put your finger on it…something feels wrong about them. They check out on paper, but they just don’t make you feel good!

The Martyr

The other type of psychic vampire is martyr type. You will find these people always complaining, saying woe is me. The world has done them wrong, no one understands them, no one loves them, and no one cares about their needs. When a martyred vampire enters the room, they literally suck the beauty from it.

Any conversation you engage in with them is toxic. You feel drained just by the sound of their voice. Unlike the first type of vampires, they are not charming. It is easy to spot them a mile away. From the storm of complaints around them, to the negative verbal diarrhea, to their unique way to make everyone feel alienated.

Sadly, some people still fall victim of the martyred vampire type because they are so persistent in their delusions that it is easy to be dominated by them if you are feeling weak. Sometimes people even give in to these types because it is easier to “go with the flow” than to fight with them! Usually this happens if they are a family member, especially a parent or child.

Signs of Psychic Vampirism

  • Fatigue and tiredness
  • Strange dreams and insomnia
  • Feelings of abuse from a friend or partner
  • Physical decline in health
  • Mental/emotional pain and struggle
  • Paranoia
  • Confusion
  • Sudden mood swings
  • Memory loss
  • Phantom feelings (cold hands, touches on the shoulder, and base of spine, pain for no reason)
  • Feeling fearful, and afraid for no reason
  • Feelings of being watched
  • Accidents and clumsiness

These are just a few symptoms of being entangled with a psychic vampire. Now, be discerning when looking at this list, I am in no way advocating that every thing is the result of being “bitten” by a psychic vampire. And this is not meant to create a fearful mentality. We are simply discussing the nature of energetic exchange that happens between people.

If you have felt any of these things then I want you to ask yourself:

  • Is there anyone in my life who just feels off to me?
  • Am I surrounded by people, or a person who makes me feel drained?
  • Am I giving away my power to someone, or something?
  • How am I honoring myself right now?

I have said it many times, you want to do what feeds your spirit, and stop what depletes it. When you do depleting things that dishonor your highest good you create fertile ground for others to creep in and manipulate you.

psychic vampires feed on energy levelsHow to stay immune

A lack of personal understanding, and connection to self makes you vulnerable to these energy suckers. Just like with energetic cords, you are allowing a path of energy exchange to exist that does not feed your spirit. But in this instance the cord is not two ways, it is a one-way street. The vampire feeds, and the victim is depleted.

When you are feeling particularly lost, down, insecure, abandoned, and just not very good you are creating weak spots in your aura. Over time this becomes a hole, or a void in which the energy suckers will take up residence. And in rare cases this could lead to you becoming a psychic vampire.

Do you remember the myth that the vampire cannot enter the home unless invited? Well your spirit, your aura, your energy field is your home, and they cannot enter that sacred place unless you have allowed it on some level!

Hmmm makes you really want to stop doing things that no longer feed your spirit right? When you forget your spirit, you are basically putting on a big signs that says, “I’m ripe, come bite me!”

Start by claiming your space. Think positive thoughts, do things that affirm that you are present in your body, and your spirit. Say affirmations of personal purification and compassion.

  • I am loved, healthy, happy and whole.
  • I am empowered in all areas of my life.
  • I am fulfilling my highest good, in every moment, of every day, in every way that I can.
  • I only allow good forces to enter my life.
  • Each moment I am in full express of my infinity, and my divine spark.
  • Only good comes into my life, and that good increases in infinite ways.
  • I listen to my spirit, I feed my spirit, and I express my spirit in everything I do.
  • My life is filled with light, infinite miracles are happening in infinite ways.

These affirmations will reclaim your power. Anything that declares your right to your space, and your divinity will banish negative influences. You will begin to mend the weak spots in your energy. When you radiate your innate light, you banish shadows. Creatures of shadow, vampires cannot exist in your beautiful light… if only you let it shine!

Learn to say NO!

Saying no to things that disempower you will actually stop the channels of communication between you and any energy suckers. Often these relationships form out of ambiguity. A boss, a friend, or a partner ask for something from you that doesn’t really feed your spirit. Before you know it you are too deep to turn back. You are in a full-blown relationships where you are giving away power, freely!

But the present moment is always the place of power. You can always say NO right now! Keep saying no. Say no mentally. Say no out loud. And when you are in a situation that you cannot avoid, continue to put out NO vibes, until eventually the influence is eradicated.

Visualize Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light is the spectrum of light that is outside of our visible range in most cases. This light radiates in a unique way that interacts with everything on a molecular level. It basically radiates low vibrations, and on a physical level this spectrum of light will kill bacterial, and other illnesses.

Visualizing this light surrounding your body will help to eliminate negative influences, and protect you from foreign intruders. Energetically ultraviolet light will raise you to the vibration of your highest good.

Ultraviolet light is related to the upper chakras, especially the crown. You wil actually perceive this spectrum of light around spiritual figures, and what are called ascended masters. When you align with this energy, you are aligning with your own divinity.

Like the white light of protection we often hear about, the ultraviolet light can be visualized as a protective barrier. Throughout the day, especially when you are feeling particularly vulnerable imagine this light around you.

How To Visualize & Use White Light

Stop for a moment. Close your eyes. Fall into the rhythm of your breathing. Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 1, 2, 3, 4. Find your natural center. Then begin to see a beautiful beam of ultraviolet light (sort of like a black light), pouring from above you. This is the light of Divine influence, the Universe.

See this light pour around you. Gathering around all your limbs, and encasing your body. See this ultraviolet light completely surround, and incase you, until you are glowing, radiating this presence of love.

Do this while you are speaking your affirmations as a way to really raise your vibration. Energy suckers will no longer have a hold on you. Psychic bonds will be broken. In time these energy parasites will be unable to reestablish connection.

Parting Notes

Please, do not be fearful of the “psychic vampires”. Yes they are very real, and in our world where people can hide behind the Internet, and big titles it is easy to be manipulated. You are always in power. You are always beautiful. Sometimes it is the simple act of remembering your beauty.

Always go back to what empowers you, what feeds your spirit. Make sure you are trusting your vibes, and honoring your feelings. Avoid doing things that make you feel depleted or drained. Especially when you are already feeling vulnerable.

Avoid drinking, smoking, and overeating. Avoid casual sexual encounters, and social interactions when you are feeling compromised. Anything that takes you out of your mind, takes you out of your spirit.

Make it your daily effort to build yourself up. Create sacred space to grow and thrive. Before you know it your whole life will begin to glow and radiate a feeling of Universal connection!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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