how to manifest wealthIs being wealthy a sin? Is it not OK to yearn for wealth?

Of course, the answer is a resounding – NO!

Wealth is being spiritually aware that all of life is plentiful and infinite.

In order to live, you must have money. Money buys good, healthy food, gives you and your loved ones a good home, well-made clothes, access to enjoying the beauty in the arts – painting, music and literature.

Money allows you to experience the vastness of life!

To be open to life’s beautiful pleasures, you need to be free from hovering in a state of survival. Under stress, you can’t explore the beauty of life from moment-to-moment, day in and out.

In a moment, I’ll share a priceless exercise with you.

The Multiple Meanings Of Wealth

But first, let’s look at Wealth more closely, since it carries multitude of meanings:

  • You can be a person of wealth, indicating affluence and riches.
  • You can exhibit a wealth of ideas, indicating a big supply of resources.
  • You can feel wealthy, indicating a fortunate state of being.

This final description lies the closest to the original meaning of the word.

Wealth is derived from the Old English “weal” which means well-being, prosperity or happiness.

I love that!

The way I look at it is, Wealth is “Well-Being”.

wealth ritualWealth is a fearless state of Being.

Imagine the shift within you when you FEEL wealthy! From one moment to the next a sense of well-being fills your heart with gratitude, and you instantly feel WELL!

Let’s journey deeper into Wealth by looking at the parts that make up the whole – the spiritual symbolism of each letter:

W is a generous person with outstretched arms welcoming light and love.

E faces right, eager to experience the future with zest and energy.

A is an activation of ideas, creative and confident, original and ambitious.

L has an open voice to speak or sing about being free and happy.

T is strong and balanced, musical and strives for spiritual understanding.

H is powerful, aware, open to the above and below, has great endurance.

Yes, true WEALTH is a combination of a multitude of beautiful qualities.

In the same way, your well-being is generated by many internal decisions that combine to create moments of magic.

So how do you get in touch with those parts of yourself that are keeping you from living a life of wealth?

Here is the exercise I want to share with you.

wealth morning ritualMorning Wealth Ritual To Allow More Abundance Into Your Life

Do this first thing in the morning…BEFORE you get out of bed:

  1. Use your powerful imagination and feel yourself blissfully happy. Only get out of bed once you are in a fantastic mood.
  2. Now you feel radiant, you exude optimism, expecting the good things in life to be there for you. You feel infinite and powerful. You have turned into a Wealth Generator!
  3. Be in this joyful state all day. Open your heart and feel affluent.
  4. Remember, this blissful happiness is yours to access at ANYTIME. Remind yourself to access this feeling throughout the day.
  5. Take your blissful state of being to bed with you at night, so it penetrates every part of you during your sleep.

Visualize yourself wealthy, happy, fulfilled in every way.

YOU are the W – YOU are the powerful symbol of an open, generous person with outstretched arms welcoming Light and Love!

Many Blessings of Abundance,


About Tania Gabrielle

Tania Gabrielle, Wealth Astro-Numerologist, has coached thousands of clients and entrepreneurs worldwide, helping them design fulfilling and abundant lives. She has been featured in USA Today, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times and Tania is the creator of Numerology Academy™ - the first online certification course integrating Astrology and Numerology. Learn more about Tania at

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