Do you probably know what a pendulum is when it comes to ticking clocks?

BUT did you know that they are also tools of healing, divination, and magic?

In fact, these simple, but oh-so-powerful powerful tools are one of the most versatile things to have in your magickal toolbox. And we’re going to tell you why.

First things first, what IS a pendulum?

A pendulum is a weight that’s suspended from a fixed point, allowing it to swing back and forth, and/or in a circular motion.

The weight can be made from any solid material, but wood, metal, crystal or glass are usual. Either a string, thread or metal chain can be used for the suspension.

Generally, for healing purposes, wooden pendulums are used. This is because metals and crystals tend to have their own characteristics that can transfer or interfere with healing methods. Though a proficient healer may use something like a clear quartz crystal, precisely because of its healing properties.


How to Choose a Pendulum

Let the pendulum choose you.

Yes, you may be waiting a little more time than if you headed straight to the shops, but if you set the intention to receive your pendulum, and will it into being, then it WILL arrive.

You could go for a walk, look around your home or head to a metaphysical store if that feels right to you – trust your intuition, and you’ll know when it shows up in your life.

If your pendulum appears first as an object (a crystal, hag stone or even a fishing weight are all common) you may need to attach a length of string, cord, or chain onto it. Ensure the length of the cord is as long as possible – for practical purposes it will be easier to use than a piece with a very short length.

How to Use a Pendulum (for the first time)

Whether the pendulum is being used for healing, divination or any other kind of magic, you will need it to have a set code of meaning, if you’re going to be able to interpret the directions it swings in.

The directions are simple:

  • Side to side
  • Forwards and back
  • Clockwise circular motion.
  • Anticlockwise circular motion


Program the Pendulum

Hold your pendulum in your dominant hand between thumb and forefinger. Some people like to wrap the string, thread or chain around their finger a couple of times.

Then let it hang directly down.

Swing it from front to back, and say aloud, with intention, this is how I want you to move when the answer is “yes”.

Swing it from side to side, and say aloud, with intention, this is how I want you to move when the answer is “no”.

Swing it in a counter-clockwise motion, and say aloud, with intention, this is how I want you to move when the answer is “maybe” or “I’d rather not say” or “I don’t know”.

** These are suggestions – if you want each movement to represent something different, program that with your intention instead.

Test the movements

Ask your pendulum a few simple questions to verify its movements, and this time DO NOT move it yourself! From now on, the pendulum moves without your intention, so hold still!

Once it’s been programmed, you won’t need to go through this again, and it’s ready to use!

Here are some ideas …

Healing with Pendulums

Pendulums are often used in the diagnosis of illnesses or energy blocks.

It’s not easy to do this on yourself, so ask a friend if you can practice on them.

Hold a pendulum low over the body and very gradually move it around the limbs and torso for a few minutes.

To make the practice easier, ask questions, such as “show me where energy is blocked”, or “where does this person need healing?”

Allow the weighted object to start swinging freely, and if you feel called, ask more specific questions when you reach an area of activity.

At this point, realize it’s not an accurate method of medical diagnosis! But you can gain some truly powerful insights that medicine would not. Plus engaging in pendulum work like this can really help to hone your skills, as you come across energy blocks and delve deeper into the innate wisdom of the pendulum.

Divination with Pendulums

There are many different kinds of divination that pendulums are used for. Commonly, questions are asked, and the swinging direction provides an answer.

What’s important with this divination technique, is to really let the answer be the answer! If you receive a “yes” when you really wanted a “no”, it doesn’t’ matter how many times you repeat the question. Trust the information you receive.

Many people use simple pendulums as their guide, as opposed to oracle cared or Tarot because this kind of dowsing is quick, doesn’t’ require interpretation and favors yes / no responses. Whereas Tarot, on the other hand, usually serves as a guide for more involved situations.

Interested in Tarot? Read this recent post and start asking the right Tarot questions!

Dowsing for water is another use for pendulums, either out in the land or using a map.

You can read more about how to dowse for water here.

Do YOU use pendulums in your everyday magickal practice?

Share your tips with us in the comments below!