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mentally trappedSometimes we all fall into those sticky feelings of despair. This is your spirit whispering “rest” which is something most of us fight daily in the bustling world. Sadly most of us believe rest is a sign of laziness, or if we rest we will “miss out” on something major. But to get these crazy feelings out of your head you have to discharge, and dismantle the over abundance of energy.

Get It All Out

Begin by writing out your feelings. Write anxiety letters, angry letters, and sad letters… to yourself, or anyone in your life that may be troubling you. You may even wish to make your point of tension a persona that you can write to. Dear Job Frustration. Dear Romance Woes. Dear Depleted Bank Account.

However you choose to write out your feelings be sure to explain your feelings, your frustrations, and your hang-ups. Healing comes from seeing exactly what’s spiraling around in the storm of your own mind and heart.

I urge you to be candid. Stream of conscious writing is best. Never edit yourself, or hold back on the page. Write in bullets if you need to. Or just words. One-word feelings are powerful on the page. Just name the things stealing your spirit.

You can use other people’s words if you like. Use quotes, song lyrics, or passages from books. Whatever makes you say, “God, this is so me right now!” This is your chance to express yourself somewhere safe. These crushing feelings of anxiety and creative paralysis are the result of not getting things out.

Sometimes when I have a really heavy feeling that I just need to get out I use marker… because pen just isn’t bold enough. I dig at the page, stabbing words and phrases into it. I scribble, ramble and completely surrender to the energies channeling through me.

Art journaling is a powerful way to give words, texture and visuals to your inner world. But maybe you don’t like to write, or collage. So record yourself. Make voice memos on your phone, or videos on your computer. Interview yourself, or your emotions. Talk it out. Scream. Sing. Yell. Cry. GET IT OUT!

Rest. Seriously, Just Rest.

Take naps. Naps are those healing moments of surrender. Your body, mind and spirit just melt for a few minutes. Naps take you straight to your inner sanctuary. Do a progressive relaxation meditation before a nap. A few minutes of relaxation, followed by a 15-minute nap could be the most restful sleep you have in a week. Make peace with your bed, accept it’s subtle gestures of welcome, crawl inside your warm cocoon and just be.

When I am especially bogged-down, overwhelmed and crushing from creative anxiety I wrap myself in light. Whenever I need a little sip from the pool of the Universe I just close my eyes, follow my breath inward, and then imagine white light around me.

The White Light is a restorative energy that protects and fortifies you. I follow this by calling on the blue light of healing, and the pink light of love. I see them all circling around me. Glowing, vibrant and spiritually nourishing. I instantly feel more luminous.

Let’s Get Physical

happyScream. Dance. Shake. Sing. Take ACTION. Physically action and movement release built up energy in your system. And it releases beneficial chemicals and hormones in your brain that make you happy. Action is one of the simplest ways to release the clutter from your mind, and spirit. You can just feel the “ish” melting away!

When you are having an especially trying time punch your pillow. Go into the woods to scream loudly. Or a much more subtle way is to stand still, or lie in your bed tensing all your muscles. Clench your fist, curl your toes, tighten your calves… just tense everything up and then let it go. You will tingle with warm surrender.

But my personal favorite is a night of Karaoke-therapy! Yes, there is nothing more healing than screaming your heart out on the microphone to little Hole, or just letting all the sadness become you with some Adele. It’s just you, your feelings, and that shinny black microphone!

Just DO YOU!

Get Back To Your Breath

Ground Yourself. When you are burning… blue with electric emotions… you need to ground. These overwhelming energies are striking lightening looking for something to take it deep into the earth. Simply acknowledging this can be grounding.

Step outside. Sit under a tree. Trees are nature’s grounding rods. They love to help you root yourself deep into the rich belly of Mother Earth. And they are great listeners.

You can ground anywhere… no tree required. Just close your eyes. Acknowledge the solid ground beneath you. Find your breath. Follow it deep inside. Mindfully breathing. Begin looking into your head. Dive into your feeling centers. I bet you’re going a little stir crazy in there!

Just feel it. Feel everything that is overwhelming you. Surging through you. See this abundant energy as blue-white fire. Let it ball up… pooling in your belly. Then in a flash release it deep into the earth. Repeat to yourself:

I am Solid. I am here. I am present. I am grounded. I am on purpose.

As you begin releasing, resting, and discharging you start to feel more present. From here you can begin to take your thoughts, and ideas in little bites.

Begin naming these little bites of information. Give them simple, clear words.

  • What are your ideas?
  • What do you desire?
  • What are you aching to do?
  • What are you longing to create?

Take one of these. Just one of these ideas. Begin to explore it. Look at it from all angles.

  • How does it make you feel?
  • Why do you want this so badly?
  • What has held you back from achieving it?
  • What are you afraid of here?

Write down, or say out loud all the things that scare you about this idea. Whatever seems to be stopping you from using this creative energy.

Micro Movements Lead To Major Events

Create Micro Movements. Just a little baby step forward. Make this something tangible that you can attain without frustration. A string of baby steps is all it takes to get to a goal.

The easiest first step is to daydream. Daydream on how it feels to have your desire. Energy follows thought and feeling. As you daydream you are channeling raw, manifesting energy into your personal universe.

How does it feel to have this vision come to life?

If you do this a few minutes a day fabulous, sparkly magic will happen in no time!

Now on to the next Micro Movement. Research and exploration are easy. Fall curious to your idea. Ideas and inspiration are wild, roaming spirits waiting for life. Seduce them. Sit with them and listen. Give them attention, and they will show you how to give them life.

Be in a place of discovery. Pull at the thread. Expect answers. Be present. Coincidence and synchronicities will pave your path. Just show up!!

And when your head gets all fuzzy again. Start from the beginning. And don’t forget to REST!

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Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:



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