Angelic Invocation

Calling upon Angels is a powerful practice that you can easily implement in your life. Angels have an incredible amount of love, guidance and support to share and you can learn how to invoke the presence of your angels anytime and anywhere…

When called upon your angels will always answer.

So What Do You Need To Do To Invoke Your Angels?

There is nothing external you need to invoke angels right here and now. Some people like to light a candle to symbolize the light of the angels entering in, but even this simple process is an add-on and while you can do it if you would like, it is not required.

feather 11. Intention

The most powerful tool you have to call your angels is your intention. When you invoke the presence of your angels, they will connect with you.

Angels are non-physical, spiritual beings though, and so while their presence may be different than you were expecting, with awareness and presence you will be able to feel and experience their incredible light.

The more you practice, and invite the guidance, assistance and presence of your angels into your life the stronger and clearer your connection with them will become.

essence numbers2. Release Expectations

One of the biggest obstacles people encounter when they are trying to invoke their angels is unrealistic expectations. To avoid falling into this trap, release any expectations before you begin. Let this be a fun and simple process, and know that your angels will likely appear in a subtle way that is different than you would expect.

Sometimes angels do appear physically in front of you in a way you can clearly see, and other times (more commonly for those just getting started) they will appear by lightening the mood, manifesting as a feeling of peace and love, or by lifting your vibration into a higher lighter place.

Be open to how your angels appear when you invoke them. When you’re open to how this unfolds you can’t lose, and then with practice the presence of your angels will become clearer and stronger.

essence numbers3. Angelic Invocation – Calling In Your Angels

There is not one phrase, or invocation that you need to say to call angels into your life. You don’t have to speak the words in a certain tone, or even aloud if you don’t want to.

Reading or speaking the following Angelic Invocation will work, but the most important thing here is your intention. If in your heart and mind you sincerely want to connect with your angels, and you ask them to come in, they will.

How To Call In Your Angels:

To call in your angels now, take a deep and relaxing breath as you begin to focus your awareness within. Consciously release any expectations, or thoughts spiraling through your mind.

Just relax, breathe and focus within to find your center.

Now mentally or aloud say:

“I now ask to be surrounded with Divine light and with one hundred thousand Angels of Divine Love, Wisdom and Protection, to come in and connect with me now.

essence numbers4. Allow The Energy To Flow

Now feel or imagine that your energy is grounding into the core of the Earth. As your energy flows down, grounding to the Earth, allow yourself to feel the incredible light of the planet, and notice that you are one with it; feel this and know that you are an integral part of the One Source Energy flowing throughout Earth and throughout All That Is.

Take another deep breath now as you allow this light from the core of the Earth to begin flowing up and in through the bottom of your feet, clearing your energy as it flows up along your spinal column and then continues up into the light above your head.

Let your consciousness go up with the light, opening your higher energy centers and continuing to lift up above the light and into the direct presence and connection with Creative Source Energy, with God, and with the Divine.

Feel your direct presence and Oneness with Source, and with All That Is.

Allow yourself to just be, breathe, and bask in the Divine love that radiates all around you now.

Simply connecting with these energies will cleanse and lift your being, helping you to align with the many blessings of the higher vibrational realms of spirit.

essence numbersPin5. Invite The Angels To Connect With You

But there is more… Now think or say:

“I now invite my highest, best and most loving Angels who can most serve now, please come in and connect with me now.”

Now simply relax, breathe and open your heart to feel and know the connection and presence of your Angels who are indeed here.

Open your heart, let go…and lift!