Have you ever tried to “manifest” something using the law of attraction, but still didn’t get what you wanted?

When it comes to achieving things, the human mind loves practical steps to follow. It’s a very enticing concept — that there could be “rules” or steps to obtain something, and if you just do what the rules say, you’ll have it.

But what if you go through the motions and do all the steps — based on how authors and spiritual teachers say the universe works — and nothing happens? What if you don’t get the relationship, money, or outcome you desire?

Does it mean the books are wrong? Does it mean the teachers are wrong?


Does it mean YOU are wrong?

No. My sense is that there’s something we still don’t understand about how life works, and maybe we’re not supposed to. If you could get anything your mind decided it wanted by plugging in a formula, you might have a very different life from the one you came here to experience.

Maybe it’s not your destiny to have the relationship, career, or the money and lifestyle you think that you want. Maybe the point of your life is much, much bigger than any of those things — and in this moment you may not know what the point of your life is.

Part of the reason human beings suffer is because we’ve decided that knowing is better than not knowing. We’ve decided that having a relationship is better than not having one. Getting the promotion is better than not getting it. Being healthy is better than being sick. And so whenever something happens that we don’t like, we want a book of steps to follow so we can create some “better” outcome.

Your soul sees the larger picture.

It knows there is no “better than” over there. There is just what is as it’s happening over here. So, how do you find happiness in a world where you can’t control outcomes?

You can start by accepting what’s happening — without forcing yourself to like it. Acceptance is letting go — not out of sad resignation, but out of love for yourself. It’s acknowledging the truth of what’s happening now, without deciding that it’s wrong.

I know it’s hard when you don’t get something you really want. I know it’s hard. There are lots of things I thought I really wanted and didn’t get — in spite of applying the law of attraction, affirmations, and positive thinking.

As time went by, I realized that if I had been given the job I wanted and fought for, I would never have been motivated to start my business. If I hadn’t had a lifetime of digestive issues, I wouldn’t be as connected to my body (and therefore my intuition) as I am today. I used to hate my extreme sensitivity — and now it’s the most valuable tool I have.

Make a list of things you really wanted but didn’t get.

What happened instead? Are you more capable, grounded, and open because of what really took place? Start looking for the signs of positive growth that have arisen out of the disappointments.

Your soul knows so much more than your mind. If you can get in the habit of trusting what’s happening instead of arguing with life, your journey will not seem so full of struggle.

You haven’t failed because you didn’t get something you wanted. You haven’t done life wrong, or messed up the rules. There are no rules, really, just illusions of rules made up by the human mind. And who you are transcends all of that.

What are some personal lessons have you learnt through disappointment? Let us know in the comments!

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