It’s not difficult to become clairvoyant.

As the world wakes up, more people are tuning into their psychic gifts, and it’s causing a domino effect – as more of us awaken our abilities, it becomes easier for those who follow. You know what we mean – noticing signs and symbols that seem to direct your path, getting deja vu more frequently than is normal, receiving intuitive hits, and trusting that “gut feeling”.

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Clairvoyance is just one of the four “clairs” or psychic abilities, and it’s probably the most well know. But for the record, there are 4 “clairs” in total. These are:

Clairvoyance is a particular strand of psychic ability that pertains to inner sight.

You may already have some clairvoyant capacity – if you tend to see things before they happen, or even daydream about something and then see it materialize in front of you, then you are likely a clairvoyant and already tapped into your spiritual and psychic abilities in some way.

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Yet our society tends not to encourage clairvoyance (or any form of psychic or intuitive behavior for that matter) making it one of those things you need to try to develop on your own. Luckily, it’s not hard, and there’s nothing to fear, either! Here are 5 ways you can enhance your clairvoyant abilities:

1. Practice Visualization

Clairvoyance requires you to be able to visualize. This means being to see things in your “mind’s eye”, aka inside your head, via your inner vision, or imagination.

Luckily this can be a really fun psychic exercise to practice.

You can start by setting yourself a little task – to visualize an apple or some other small inanimate object. Hold the image in your mind’s eye for just 5 minutes a day for a few days, perceiving all the detail you can. As your ability improves, picture more complex objects, places, scenes, and people.

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2. Start Recording your Dreams

Dreams are a great access point for psychic development. This is because your nightly dreamscape provides the most incredible and unlimited playground to start to access clairvoyance and psychic ability! It doesn’t matter if you have vivid dreams, or if they’re run-of-the-mill.

1. Before bed each night, set an intention to remember your dream.

2. On waking, before you even fully open your eyes try to write down what you can recall.

Likely this will be difficult – the visions, sights, feelings, and happenings will slip away really quickly.

Remember this is a practice!

You will begin to connect the mind and the pen, grasping hold of those visions and improving your clairvoyant abilities in the process. Let your intuition lead about what’s most important to record.

What’s also really great about writing dreams down regularly, is that it gives you a record. Something to refer to, that will show you how far you’ve come.

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3. Open Your Third Eye Chakra

This chakra sits between and just above your eyebrows. It rules imagination,  perception, psychic vision, and intuitive abilities. How developed your psychic abilities and intuition are often depends on how open and balanced your third eye is.

Work gently with this chakra to improve psychic awareness. Opening the third eye too quickly can be disorienting, so go steady. Here are a few clear-seeing things to try:

  • Visualize your third eye as a blue flower, opening up its petals.
  • Practice meditation with crystals such as Amethyst, Lapis Lazuli, or Purple Flourite.
  • Decalcify your pineal gland (the site of this chakra) through diet.
  • Meditate with your guides, asking them to open and balance your third eye. If you have any specific questions, ask them to show you answers through clairvoyance.

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4. Feed Your Imagination and Let it Wander…

Your psychic sight will only be as rich and complex as your own imagination.

Spirit uses the images you hold within to communicate with your visually, so if your imagination is on the dull side, then guess what? Your psychic abilities will be too!

Give your imagination fuel to grow. Read fantastical novels, and look at beautiful art. Avoid anything fear-inducing.

5. Meditate

Yep, it’s this old thing again. Meditation.

Usually top of the list when it comes to developing any kind of psychic or spiritual strength, meditation is unavoidable.


Because it’s a tool to shift your frequency beyond the every day, and the demands of the outside world. Meditation brings you into alignment with your senses – the five you know about, plus your sixth sense too.

You simply can’t expect your Spirit guides to come all the way to you, if you don’t make a little effort to move in their direction. We’re not taking astral projection… this is simply consciously raising your vibration, to be more of a match with the subtle realms.


Now it’s your turn to share – are YOU clairvoyant? What’s the number 1 tip that has enhanced your psychic abilities? Drop a comment below!

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