sacred spacesPinDo you want to experience a powerful form of personal transformation? Creating sacred space is an act of being present in the here and now. When you create sacred space you are giving yourself permission to release negative patterns, and consciously set seeds of intention for change.

Anyone can create sacred space. When you take the time to create sacred space, you are acknowledging the life force that lives inside of you. On a deep level you are feeding an intrinsic need for stillness, and touching the mystical.

Crafting Ceremony

Ceremony is at the core of all spiritual traditions. Ceremony creates a psychological shift that quiets the analytical mind, and awakens the intuitive. In moments of stillness you are stepping outside of time, surrendering to your inner wisdom, and affirming that you need, and want to nurture your highest good.

The world is a fast paced, high-energy environment that overwhelms the senses, and much of the time shuts down our necessary connection to our deeper self. You can see this in the drama on the news, the depression that permeates our society, and the lack of openness we experience in daily life.

Pain points, whether in our personal lives, or our society are the result of a lack of love. Love only comes when we are open, fluid, willing to accept and forgive. These are the qualities that come from being in communion with your spirit, and working toward your highest good.

To reach for this state of wellbeing, and expressions of love we must create sacred time. Here you ignite your intuition, feed your spirit, and become truly empowered. Learning this dance, ripples outward changing the people and situations around you.

First Creating Sacred Time

Close your eyes for a second. Take a few deep, cleansing breathes. In, and out. Find your rhythm. Feel your center. Feel your sitting bones pushing into the earth beneath you. Feel your skeleton sustaining you. Feel yourself in this moment, now.

  • What does it look like inside?
  • What does it feel like?
  • What word would you use to describe this moment right now?

Maybe this process overwhelms you. Maybe you have taken little time to be still. There is no guilt. Everyone at some point forgets to nurture the spiritual self. But this is a call to action.  We are setting an intention to go inward.

Now Let’s Create Sacred Space

Do you want to create sacred space, and inspire this internal shift?

I’m sure you do. Everyone yearns for this. Lets begin now. This decision affords you an opportunity to change, and create. Create the life you want, the healing you need, and the empowerment you seek.

sacred space 1Pin1. Sacred space is a physical, and an internal place.

If you look at the world around you, most importantly your home, you will find that this is a reflection of your inner world. I know this can be an overwhelming idea, but it is a point of power.

  • What does your outer world look like?
  • What state is your home in?
  • What does the state of your home say about the state of your life?

sacred space 2Pin2. Pick one area of your home to transform.

Begin with your bedroom…where you sleep, where you retreat form the world. Pick up the pile of clothes in the corner. Organize the books, and papers next to the bed. Clear out the clutter from under the bed. Wash and replace the bed linens. Add something new to the environment that inspires a feeling of peace, relaxation, and vitality.

As you move forward with this process be gentle. Take baby steps. You may need to do one room at a time, one issue at a time. Go forth with an intention of healing, connecting to your highest good, and eliciting positive change.

sacred space 3Pin3. Affirm Your Intentions

Affirm: I am at peace, clearing away the clutter, and connecting with my inner light, and creating my sacred space.

Now that you have begun to shift the external world, the inner world too will change. This is a process of purging. Affirm what you want, and don’t want in your life. Graciously, and fluidly let things go. You are welcoming new energy into your life.

Doesn’t it feel good to invite new energy into your life?

sacred space 4Pin4. Focus On Other Areas Of Your Home

Look around your home. Look for a corner, a room, or a little nook that you can make into your spiritual haven. This will be your place of power. Here you will cultivate your sacred space to go inward.

Pinpoint this area and envision how you can make this a place of power. Add color. Place a chair, pillow or blanket that makes you feel safe, and comforted. Gather together anything that has energetic value.

Items of energetic value like inspiring photos. Images of mentors, spiritual guides and loved ones. Place statues of the Divine in your space. Place crystals here for high vibration. Keep a fresh white candle in your sacred space to light as a reminder that this is a place of power to ignite your highest good.

sacred space 5Pin5. Now Use Your Sacred Space

Make daily time in your space. Meditate, pray, and set intentions for change here. Now revisit the meditation above, closing your eyes, and going inward. Answer those questions once again.

You will see a difference. Every sacred moment raises your vibration, claiming your space in the world, the Universe, and your spirit. Work to say no to negative thoughts, and lovingly replace them with something better.

One last power thought. In each thing that you do, ask yourself:

Does this feed my spirit? Or does it deplete my spirit?