Imbolc is a pagan holiday on the Wheel of the Year which lands on February 1st, in the Northern Hemisphere (and August 1st in the Southern Hemisphere), between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox.

At this time, it is still cold and wintery, but we start to see the first signs of the coming Spring.

Imbolc has been called the “fluttering of the womb”. During pastoral times, this was when the sheep were full-bellied in their pregnancy, and the birth of their ewes marked the arrival of Spring.

Imbolc is also considered a time of purification. In the practice of magick, it is considered beneficial to precede any change or beginning with a cleansing to “clear the slate” for the new.

And since Spring is a fresh time, Imbolc, which comes before it is a time to prepare.

The patroness of Imbolc is the well-loved goddess Brigit. She is a red-headed solar goddess of fire, creativity, healing, poetry, smith craft and wells and springs. She is also known as “The Bright One”.

She is a figure to work with at this time, and she is especially helpful with sparking inspiration and creativity for poetry, music, story-telling, etc.

It’s the perfect time to light candles and revel in the flames to really use this sacred ancient ceremony as a means to incite powerful change in your life. And while it’s all well and good to grab some candles and light them willy-nilly, if you really want to draw out the power of the flames, why not try using our guide to candle rituals and magic?! Get yours below…

Here are some tips on ways you could celebrate Imbolc season:

  • Write a Poem- Brigid is a goddess of poetry. You could try writing a poem in honor of her, and get your creative juices flowing!
  • Light a Candle- Imbolc is also known as “Candlemas”. Light a white candle, and sit and gaze into the flame for a few minutes as a form of meditation. Alternatively, you could sit by a hearth.
  • Take a Purifying Bath- Use Epsom salt, baking soda and/or sea salt. You can also use lemon and/or lavender essential oil, as they have cleansing properties. For a bonus, light some pure white candles as well.
  • Clean your Home & Clear Clutter- You could do a little “bonus” cleaning, like cleaning the fridge, getting behind the furniture or organizing a cabinet/shelf. You could also get rid of any extraneous objects in your home that you no longer will use.
  • Purify Your Body- You could cleanse your body with foods and drinks that you feel and believe are purifying for you. You could fast if that is your thing, have fresh juices, eat kitchari (an Ayurvedic dish for cleansing the system), etc. And avoid for some time the foods that you feel put you off-balance or “gunked up” in any way.

I hope that these tips are helpful and I am wishing you all in the Northern Hemisphere a wonderful Imbolc season! And to those of you in the Southern Hemisphere- Happy Lammas!

With Love,

About Ellie Brucia

Ellie Brucia is a tarot & oracle card reader, sound healer and lover of plant magic. She has recently published a plant-based, magical cookbook called “Cooking Up Magic”. Also known as The Mer Priestess, she offers sound healing events in London and tarot readings for clients online and in-person that help to promote spiritual, personal development.

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