9 Steps on How to Feel Happy & ROCK your World!

FACT: We train people how to treat us. The degree to which we take care and treat ourselves sets the tone for how others will treat us. Last week’s post on self care outlined the importance of taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives. As we explore what this means on an individual level, having tools to constructively process emotions and feelings can support us in ensuring we are honoring ourselves and honoring others. Thus teaching us how to feel happy, truly.

Sometimes life brings us hurdles and challenges for our growth. Like the saying goes “what you say about someone else says more about you than it does about them.” How we deal with times of conflict, challenges and our shadow sides reflects our true nature and our stage of development. Relationships often bring us opportunities to get to know our shadow self and grow in such a way to transform towards a heightened state of self awareness. The more aware and responsible we are about our own patterns the more we can contribute to increasing positive and high vibrational energies in all relationship dynamics.

Emotions can be our allies. They indicate to us our relationship to self worth and self value, as well as, guide us to grow and evolve for our highest good. We all have emotions and feelings and each of our life paths call us to learn how to express and release our emotions in a more positive and constructive manor in times of contrast and in times of happiness.

There are very specific things we can do to ensure positive emotional release and expression, and lucky for you we have some stellar tips on how to feel happy and navigate these sometimes murky waters of the emotional mind.

1. Take some time out for you. Regular ‘love on you’ dates are essential for your peace of mind, balance and to cultivate feel good emotions. When you take time do something you truly enjoy like taking a take bubble bath, creatively expressing yourself through any form of art, watching your favorite feel good movie or hitting a yoga class… you get those creative love yourself juices flowing.

2. Sort out what you are actually feeling and thinking. Journaling or talking to a trusted friend or advisory who has your true best interests at heart can help you understand exactly what you are thinking, which is key to knowing before attempting communication.

3. Identify what your needs are and set an intention to get more and more effective at communicating your needs clearly to others in your life.

4. Take responsibility for yourself and your life. This one is huge. The second you play the blame game on any level or in any situation you give up your authentic power and activate your lower self’s power. This will indeed convolute your experience with others and yourself leading to potential emotional explosions. Taking responsibility allows you to approach any given situation with love, compassion and courage.

5. Get out and move your body. Raise your vibes by raising your heart rate. When you take care of your body it will take care of you. It’s so much easier to know what you want and communicate those wants when our channels are clear of excess energies we’ve picked up throughout our days.

6. Take time to breathe in some fresh air & visit the sun. Breath work is a simple and incredibly effective tool to connect us back to our spirit, to our bodies, to the earth, to each other and to the present moment. Use this tool often ;)

7. You must take care of you because no one else is going to. This is a true fact of life. There is exponential freedom and empowerment available to our human experience just through knowing and honoring our personal needs and desires.

8. Think before you speak. Words are vibration and they can be used to wound or they can be used to heal. Choose wisely as what we put out into the world is reflected and returned to us.

9. Know when to let go and let it go. Everything has its expiration date. Everything from the food we eat, to the relationships we keep and even our lives. It takes a lot of courage to let go and sometimes walk away. You are strong enough, and you will always know when the time comes to let go. Honor this… it’s for your greatest good.

So if you really want someone to rock your world you must rock your life first and show them how it’s done. You will then become aware on how to feel happy from the bottom of your heart.

Insight into your worldly style is available through the numbers in your name and through your full numerology chart

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