What’s Your Fairy Name? The Easy Peasy Fairy Name Generator

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fairy name generatorLet’s have some fun and giggles!

With this easy peasy Fairy Name Generator, all you have to do is:

◈ Take the first letter of your first name
◈ Then the day of the week you were born (head here if you need help deciphering that)
◈ And finally, the month you were born

Check below to see what those names are and add them all together.

For example, if your name is Ann and you were born on a Monday in the month of February, then your name would be Petal Moonbeam McShimmer Bottom.

Have fun and drop me a note below with your fairy name!

Take the FIRST Letter of Your First name

A – Petal H – Primrose O – Buttercup V – Briar
B – Meadow I – Dandelion P – Dragonfly W – Feather
C – Apple J – Daisy Q – Cornflower X – Moss
D – Hazel K – Clover R – Fern Y – Hemlock
E – Bluebell L – Honey S – Butterfly Z – Sunflower
F – Poppy M – Blossom T – Cherry  
G – Willow N – Bracken U – Lavender 

Add it to the DAY Your Were Born

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Moonbeam Sparkle Gossamer Glitter Jingle Glimmer  Sugarplum

And the MONTH You Were Born

(Jan) Curly Boots (May) Sweet Lips (Sep) Twinkle Toes
(Feb) McShimmer Bottom (Jun) Crystal Tips (Oct) Frisky Fingers
(Mar) Rainbow Socks (Jul) Blush Buns (Nov) Goody Two-Shoes
(Apr) Flash Dazzle (Aug) Glisten Pants  (Dec) Tinsel Tights

 What’s your fairy name? Drop us a comment below and share it with us :)

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