manifesting abundancePinMove into the New Year with open arms, embracing the change, and the charge of new life! All of us have goals, and resolutions, which we aspire to achieve in 2015. Set yourself up to win, by grounding yourself in positive intentions.

Your Relationship With Money

One thing that comes up for many people while manifesting, and achieving what they want is money! Money is a hot topic, and for a lot of people it causes feelings of anxiety. People become very consumed by money… getting more, not having enough. Usually the relationship isn’t healthy.

But money doesn’t have to be a fleeting thing. It doesn’t have to have any power at all! Money is rooted in your beliefs about the world, how it works, and how you fit into it. However you view money, is reflected into the world, and comes back to you in just that way.

The truth is… money is nothing more than energy. It is a physical way of investing, exchanging and trading for what you want and need. We’ve talked before about investing your energy into things that build you up, and feed your spirit. Money is a more literal way of doing this!

Revamping Your View On Money

If you have a perspective of lack, and depletion, you will find yourself with very little money. If your thoughts and beliefs are expansive you will have more money!

Begin to view money as a symbol. It represents your ability to invest. If you see money as your only means… then you’ve cut your opportunity to be abundant in half, because you can get many of the things you want and need without money.

happiness and wealthPinThe secret to money and healthy finances is to live a healthy life. Don’t focus so much on the “how” of your finances. How will you have enough money to buy that new car? How will you have enough money to pay your house payment? How will you have enough money to put your child through college? The “how” doesn’t have to be your responsibility. All you have to do is live with the intention of meeting your end goal…and enjoying the process.

Because the Universe is your friend, your co-creator… your partner in crime… it is always there listening. The Universe is a force that reacts to your thoughts, ideas and beliefs. If you say to the Universe… “Hello out there. I really need a new car. Thanks.” It will hear you, it will respond to you, and it will help bring everything you are intending to your fingertips.

If in that process you begin to question… how… the Universe will bring all sorts of scenarios into your life that align with what you believe to be true. Rather than worry about the intricacies have fun. Just look for the car of your dreams. Go test-drive them. Look through car lots. Ask friends about their car purchases. Research the model, color, and packages you like. All you have to do is enjoy the process of getting a car. The Universe will figure out the rest.

You do not have to tiptoe through life breaking under the pressure of fear, and responsibility. Doors are always waiting to fly open. Opportunities are always there for you. If you want to be prosperous begin living like finances are not an issue…and things will just show up!

Always remember, when you put your focus on things that you cannot control, you begin to deplete your energy. This creates a cycle of pulling toward you, and manifesting exactly what you DON’T want! Your thoughts are a powerful magnet, pulling into your life whatever you choose to focus on!

Your New Goal For 2015

As you move forward with your year take note of the quality of your thoughts. Track where your mind goes. What are you focusing on? What are you giving your energy to? What mental dialogue are you having with yourself? Write down your thoughts, evaluate them, and ask yourself if they are in alignment with the things you wish to manifest!

How often do you have an opposing thought toward exactly what you are WANTING in your life?

Begin with this list and start to become more mindful of the things that you tell yourself and put your mental energy into in regards to finances, money and sustenance. Train yourself to think more positive and affirming thoughts. Whenever you have a negative thought or reaction, catch it, imagine a big red line crossing it out, and replace it with a positive thought.

manifesting abundancePinGet Grateful

The other secret of prosperity, and abundance is gratitude. When you have feelings of gratitude toward the things you already have, you signal to the Universe that you are happy, you are provided for, you are being taken care of. This allows you to pull more of that feeling in… which will come in the form of money, and more.

Gratitude is key here. It allows you to see things with a positive perspective, and to appreciate what you already have. You may even find you actually have way more than you need because gratitude grounds us in the moment… rather than leading our mind to future worries, concerns or let downs.

Part of practicing gratitude is being able to give. This is an old concept. People have been giving offerings to appease the Divine for thousands of years… this is actually rooted in the idea that we are exchanging something. If I give to you, you give to me. It all comes back around. It is also the root for tithing, giving a percentage of what you make.

You can give in so many ways. You can give your time, your money, and your talents. You can give to a stranger, a loved one, and even to yourself. Make it a point to share what you have, and the Universe will return the favor.

Put this into action. The next time you are at a café leave your change to be applied to the next persons order. Or buy a cup of coffee for a stranger. Or gift someone something unexpectedly. Then take notice of how things begin to come to you. I promise something unexpected will come your way.

A Manifesting Exercise – 7 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself

Set a financial goal for yourself. Something you can believe will happen. It can be small at first. Maybe your goal will be to buy a new handbag, get a new job, or increase your savings. Be very clear about what you want and ask yourself these questions.

1. What are you wanting to manifest?
2. What is its monetary value? If it’s a raise, how much do you want your monthly income to be? If it’s an item, how much does it cost?
3. What will you do with it?
4. What does this financial gain visually look like? If it’s an item, ask yourself what color, size, style, seasons, etc is it? If it’s a new job, envision the check or office.
5. When do you want it by?
6. How will it feel to have this?
7. Where will you use it?

Answer these questions, very clearly! Write them down. Contemplate on it, meditate on it. Let yourself feel it. Close your eyes and visualize everything about the thing you want to attain. Let yourself be in a space with it.

Now find images that represent this thing. If it is an object, such as a pair of shoes or handbag then print out the exact thing. Paste it to the center of a poster, or sheet of paper. Now write the answers to all the questions around the image.

Put a date on it! Give yourself at least 25 days to manifest this. DO NOT worry about how this will come to you. Don’t even for a second think about it. STOP. I know you want to.

Just breathe in the feelings of already having it, experiencing it, and appreciating it.

Every day look at this poster. Do it before work. Do it after work. Do it before dinner. Do it before bed. Do it before you get in the bath. Give yourself a few minutes of stillness with this goal. Let the feelings build up inside. Get excited! Then release it into the Universe.

Affirm: I have (goal) in my life, and I am filled with so much joy and gratitude for it. Thank you!

You can have everything you want. You can be a millionaire if you want. Don’t get in your own way. Life is exciting when we get what we want… and what we want is easy to get if we let it be.

One last thing to be mindful of… you having everything you want does not take anything away from anyone else. That is a fear tactic that has been perpetuated by the love of power. There is plenty in the Universe. Everyone can have their cake, and eat it too.

Much Love! Happy New Year