I have always been attracted to color. My first memories are of a bright, lime green Renault that my Mum owned when I was a toddler and I fell in love with it. I also remember my Dad’s Lancia having vivid orange, felt seats which I was fanatical about.

One of my favorite colors back then was red as I would always copy off my older sister. I coveted the scarlet certificates I won for coming first in the sprint on sports day and on reflection can see that it represented a sense of achievement.

PinI also have memories of a friend showing me their bright orange eraser in a hay barn when I was about the same age. I still recall the joy I experienced from seeing that particular shade. It was almost edible and is still my favorite color today.

Fast forward 40 years and after devoting twelve years to a career in IT Recruitment, I was left feeling totally empty inside. Like a robot on auto-pilot, I was hopelessly going through the motions, caught up in a past paradigm that once made me happy. Uncontrollable sensations of anger were surfacing from within which resulted in me having a major operation on my mouth. Hindsight is a priceless gift. I recognize it now as being my wake up call to start communicating authentically whilst making some radical changes.

At my lowest ebb, I spoke to spirit to ask for guidance about my life purpose and they simply revealed the words ‘Work with Color’…

It was the vivid shades of the native Australian flower that first caught my eye. I started learning about them whilst I was still working in the city. My close friend Alison would print off their meaning, laminate them and test me at the end of the day. Slowly but surely I started resonating with each flower, studying the ‘doctrine of signatures’ in each colorful specimen. Unbeknownst to me at the time, I was preparing myself for the next major chapter of my life.


What is Color?

Our most crucial source of energy is light. To be able to inhabit this planet we require sunlight. It comprises of all the wavelengths plus the full electromagnetic spectrum that we need to survive.

As light beams through our eyes, it activates hormone production, which affects our wellbeing. The spectrum of colors we are able to perceive is derived from light.

Science has demonstrated that each color detected in the visible light spectrum transmits at its own wavelength and frequency. This creates a particular energy which has a nutritive effect. The visible light, a rainbow, has a calming influence on us and is remedying.

Color Therapy

Colour therapy is a form of energetic healing used to benefit a person on subtle and emotional levels, as well as their physical well-being.

Energetic Healing is an inclusive term for any modality that influences the energy currents in our physical or subtle bodies to reclaim balance and improve our body’s instinctive healing operations. Some more popular therapies in this category include Reiki, Kinesiology and Acupuncture.

However, energetic healing also incorporates other natural tools such as: Flower Essences, Aura and Chakra balancing, Gem Elixirs, Crystal Healing, Colour Therapy, Faith Healing and Organic Essential Oils. Practitioners are usually skilled in multiple modalities and will incorporate these in a style that is authentic to them. It is very common for them to include intuitive skills with their practical and theoretical education.

Energetic healing investigates an invisible realm behind the physical and rebalances the meridians, auric bodies, chakras where the cause of the dis-ease is found.

Emotional and mental stress, false belief systems or trauma are stored in the energy circuits around our bodies, affecting our ability to perform at our optimum level.

Colour therapy is extremely favorable to people who are less capable or confident expressing themselves with words.

By communicating through color, it is possible to observe things about ourselves that otherwise may not have been recognized. Colour therapy can help us to process emotions and feelings that we are struggling with, so we can begin healing.

Colour therapy can benefit a wide spectrum of diseases, disorders and disabilities. It can help improve various mental and physical symptoms including, but not limited to, reducing pain, anxiety, and tension. It can be beneficial to those who have suffered emotional abuse, post-traumatic stress disorders, mental disorders, bipolar and a variety of other serious conditions.


The 7 Frequencies of Colour

As highlighted earlier, light consists of the seven color frequencies: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each color is connected to various areas of our body and will affect us differently mentally, emotionally and physically. By becoming aware of how each color affects us, we can competently use color to provide us with the bonus fuel we require to meet the requirements of our day.

One method is to choose the color which provides us with the power we need for that day and then absorb that particular color. This can be achieved through eating those colors in nutritious foods, wearing them in our choice of clothing, drinking them in water that has been amplified in colored glass bottles, bathing in colored light (via a Spectrochrome), through Reiki healing or using vibrational essences, elixirs and sprays.

Have you ever stopped to analyze how the different colors make you feel?

Take a look at the color guides below and see which one resonates with you most today…



The Root Chakra is governed by the red energy.

Bring this color into your life when you feel depleted of energy or fearful. The color red offers power from mother earth and enhances power on all levels. It stimulates vitality, bravery, strength and establishes the connection to our physical body.

The red frequency is dynamic, active, strong and passionate. It is like a courageous survivor. Competitive, dominating, tenacious, inquisitive, impatient, enthusiastic and preferring to lead and win.



The Sacral Chakra is governed by the orange energy.

Bring this color into your life when you feel upset or emotionally drained. The color orange offers joy and magnifies our zest for living! Orange is the perfect emotional pick-me-up as it connects us to our senses and dissolves self-consciousness, building our independence and sociability.

The orange frequency is intriguing, kind, friendly, fun, playful and humorous. It is quietly confident and has the endurance to conquer any challenges. Life is fun for them. Orange resonates with creative pursuits, relationships, generosity, pleasure and laughter.



The Solar Plexus Chakra is governed by the yellow energy.

Bring this color into your life when you require accuracy of thought, mental stimulation and to rebalance overwhelm. Yellow is intrinsically linked to our ability to perceive and understand and unites us to our mental aspect.

The yellow frequency is bright, animated and extremely optimistic. It is observant, curious, intelligent, sharp, controlling, articulate, an inspiring communicator and very ambitious. Yellow energy has a sense of humor uplifts the environment. It is also joyful, charismatic, intelligent, confident, sensitive, psychic and captivating.



The Heart Chakra is governed by the green energy.

Bring this color into your life when you need to open up or calm down and be at peace. Green purifies and rebalances our energy renewing us on every level and connecting us to unconditional love and compassion.

The green frequency is harmonious, balanced, serene and understanding. The vibration of idealism, patience and independence. It resonates deeply with art and friendship. Here we can observe an ideal balance between the mental and physical. Grounded, rational and nonjudgmental.



The Throat Chakra is governed by the blue energy.

Bring this color into your life when you need to mentally relax or communicate with authenticity and clarity. Blue has a soothing effect on the nervous system so offers deep relaxation and assists with sleep. It provokes holistic thought and wise speech.

The blue frequency is quietly confident, direct, clear and honest. It has a calm, caring strength, sincerity and versatility. Blue is a natural mother, protective, reliable and generous. She is optimistic, empathetic, flexible, idealist, tranquil, patient, devoted and philosophical.



The Third-Eye Chakra is governed by the indigo energy.

Bring this color into your life when you need to connect to your unconscious self and listen to the guidance from your higher self. Indigo enhances our intuition, imagination, visualization, psychic senses and stimulates dreams.

The Indigo frequency is strong, inspired and conscientious. It is like a brilliant old wizard, highly perceptive, self-contained and like to be in control. Indigo is creative, imaginative, sensitive, musical, ambitious and loves to daydream. The color of wisdom and justice.



The Crown Chakra is governed by the violet energy.

Bring this color into your life when you need inspiration or purification of your thoughts or emotions. Violet connects us to our sense of oneness, delivering guidance, enlightenment and profound resilience. It reminds us of our unique creative gifts..

The violet frequency is calm, sensitive, ingenious, idealistic and visionary with an ascended mastery. It has endurance and focus and is a the archetypal dreamer, perfectionist and philosopher. Violet is like an ancient soul, powerful analytical, wise, loving, generous and sentimental. It is a free spirit with a yearning for liberty, equality and personal independence.