Businesswoman inside a jar with powerful hand drawn lines conceptPinRecently I was speaking with a good friend about problems she was having with her current boss. As she vented her frustration I was struck with how her experience echoed the one from her previous job. So I asked her where she had encountered this same situation before.

Businesses and corporations are like family systems –some can be functional and some dysfunctional to varying degrees. But what is consistent is that you are bound to encounter unhealed issues from your family of origin in your workplace relationships.

And that was the case with my friend who admitted she was on her fourth job facing the same conflict with a boss whose personality triggered issues from long ago. It was as if she only had one boss over all those years – one she kept meeting again and again; the universe trying to provide the opportunity to awaken and heal.

The universe always gives you exactly what you need to heal.

Can you recognize those opportunities and find the courage to go within?

Often if you are feeling stuck in your career it is because you are locked into a pattern of how you perceive yourself, others and what is possible for you. So I’ve created four questions that can help you figure out how to get yourself un-stuck.

You probably won’t be surprised to learn that getting yourself un-stuck isn’t going to be about other people changing. Wouldn’t that be nice? LOL

No, the work (as it always is) is within you.

So get out your journal and spend some time answering these four questions.

  • Where are you still getting stuck in your career or your life?
  • What habitual patterns are you still replaying?
  • What are you vested in having others think about you?
  • Where are you playing a role you feel obligated to play?

Really take time with this and know that it might lead you to a much larger evaluation of your life. Once you feel you have your answers, get some feedback from someone who knows you well and see what others see that might give you even more insight into what needs to change for you to have the career you desire (and the life you desire).

If you can see the patterns in your life and relationships and the roles you play to maintain an image of self then you can see where you need to change.

And when YOU change, everything around you changes too!
Find just one change you can commit to and before you know it you will be un-stuck and on your way.

Remember: When you step more fully into your vibration as a being of love and light, the whole world shines a bit brighter!