Often when we go through our own healing journey we discover what can support another’s healing. This is what happened with the Archangel Raphael meditation. It emerged when I asked the Angels for help. Archangel Raphael came to me on a green and magenta ray of light.

Green is Raphael’s color, it’s balancing, expansive and nurturing. Green is the outer heart chakra while magenta or pink is the inner heart color.  As I tuned into my own journey it felt like it connected with the earth, past lives, and with heavy karma.

There was the sense that it was old energy all coming up from the very soul of the earth to be cleansed and healed. So as I channeled the meditation I took the journey at the same time. It was amazing. It will help you to clear karmic bonds, heal your chakras, and bring you into a new vibration of light.

This is my gift to you and yet it does not come from me, it comes directly from Archangel Raphael, a 19-minute infusion of healing green light. I hope it helps you to heal. Please share this with others to support their healing as well. Thank you!