Yoni Eggs 1PinWhat is a Yoni Egg?

“Yoni” is a Sanskrit word referring to a woman’s center of creation. Translated, it means womb, origin, vulva, or source. It is also known as the “divine passage” or “sacred temple.” In India, the yoni is revered as the sacred symbol of the Divine Feminine, referred to as the Great Goddess, the source of life, or the universal womb.

Yoni eggs, then, are crystals and semi-precious stones carved into an egg shape that women can use, internally, for womb healing, vaginal strengthening, and energetic transformation. Women around the world have been inserting crystal eggs for ages! The practice enhances sensuality and energizes the womb center of creation.

The yoni is where we find Shakti, the feminine universal creative energy.

Shiva LingamPinThe yoni’s counterpart is the lingam, symbolic of the Shiva, a masculine deity. Those who work with crystals may be familiar with the shiva lingam stone; now it’s time to learn about the benefits of the yoni egg!

The egg is a symbol of fertility and rebirth, which is why the shape of the crystal is relevant instead of using, say, a crystal ball.

And of course, using a crystal egg for vaginal strengthening is more metaphysically and energetically beneficial than using an inorganic device such as Ben Wa balls or other synthetic Kegel exercise devices.

Piezoelectricity and the Science of How Crystals Work

Yoni Eggs 2 (Jasper)PinScientifically, crystals do much more than just look pretty. I always like to discuss the science behind the “woo-woo” of stones, so my clients can understand why and how a crystal works.

A crystal is defined as a natural, solid body with a geometrically regular shape and consistent molecular structure.

Quartz crystals are silicates (its molecular structure is SiO2 [silicon dioxide]). Silicon chips are what provide computer memory. This is why crystals themselves can be programmed with our intentions, and can hold and transmit information.

When crystals are compressed, they emit piezoelectricity, which literally means “electricity from pressure.” For example, piezoelectricity is why devices known as orgonites are valuable to keep around you.

orgonite1Pin“Orgone” is another word for “etheric energy,” or “life energy,” or “chi.” In the 1930s and 40s, Dr. Wilhelm Reich was able to detect and measure orgone, using a modified geiger counter, and its existence has continued to be researched, tested, and confirmed worldwide over the last century.

An orgonite is a positive energy generator. We at the Age of Eleven make ours from at least one quartz crystal, other gemstones, copper BBs, and inorganic metal shavings encased in organic fiberglass resin.

The catalyzed liquid resin cures and solidifies in an orgonite mold (such as our pyramids or half-sphere dome shapes) overnight. As the resin dries, the crystals and metals are compressed. This creates the piezoelectric effect, absorbing negative orgone and transmuting it to positive orgone. Then the device itself will send out a constant stream of positive energy into any space.

Orgonites are useful to keep with you as you travel about, or place them in your home around electronics, wireless routers, your computer, and any electronic which emits extra low-frequency (ELF) waves and electromagnetic pollution from cell towers and WiFi.

The consistent emission of positive energy purifies the atmosphere, helps plants grow better, helps to remedy insomnia, and helps to reactivate your natural intuitive abilities.

This science is demonstrative as to why using a yoni egg crystal internally emits a constant stream of healing energy throughout the body, starting from the womb center when the crystal yoni egg is placed in the vaginal canal.

How to Select and Work with a Yoni Egg

orgonite3PinA key to working properly with crystals is to be consistent, and to use them often over a long period of time. It’s said that new habits take 30 days to form (such as waking up earlier or changing your routine). Therefore, even though you may feel a crystal’s vibration instantly in one meditation session, it’s important to take time to work with a yoni egg, or any crystal, for a long time in order to actually integrate the new energy.

There are several approaches one can take to selecting a yoni egg:

  • By sight/feel: You can look at a variety of stones and choose the one to which you are physically/energetically drawn.
  • By intellect/reason: You can research the different properties of stones using a chart or guide, and make an informed decision.
  • By “random selection”/divination: You can reach into a bag of random stones, pick one, and start from there.
  • By crystal structure: Ask yourself what area of life you would like to work on in yourself. For instance, if you need to loosen up a bit, you may choose to work with an amorphous stone. If you need more structure, you may choose to work with a cubic stone.
  • By manner of formation: Are you starting a new chapter in life? Work with the simple primary stones. Are you working to shift your environmental influences to your advantage? Look at the secondary stones. If you’re looking for an overall transformation, perhaps a metamorphic stone can be of good use.
  • By astrology: You can look up what stones resonate with your birth month, zodiac sign, or ruling planet(s).


You can charge the egg with your intention. You can insert the egg vaginally and use it during focused meditation. You can practice certain breathing techniques to be able to use your muscles to move the egg up and down the vaginal canal. You can pop in the egg and go about your daily business. You can even simply use the yoni egg externally as you would any crystal—meditating with the egg over your womb center, or simply keeping it close to your body.

Crystals are minerals from the earth that have specific energetic signatures based on the elements present, their molecular structures, and the metamorphosis process they underwent over a long period of time.

Crystals can influence our bodies and auric fields simply by being close to them—imagine the benefits and results women can cultivate by working with yoni egg crystals from the inside out!

The Importance of Energetic Womb Health

Yoni Eggs 3PinWomb health is crucial not only for individual women, but for the planet as a whole. Women hold energetic miasma in the womb center. This is the place from which we create and give birth to everything, so it behooves us to clear it with focused intention.

Energetic blockages eventually manifest into physical disease. Women who have encountered trauma and other blockages end up stunted in their spiritual development and emotional expression.

Returning to feminine empowerment will require deep work on recognizing and releasing trauma. Ask your body what it needs to rebalance, and treat your body with the care it requires.

The yoni egg is a physical, external symbol of the perfection that already resides within. All blockages can be healed through self-knowledge, spiritual dedication, being present, and learning how to breathe in stillness. Working to clear the energy from the inside out will prove invaluable if you put in the work. It is time to kick the tyrant and impostor spirit to the curb, whether it is external or internal.

At this particular time, we are continually undergoing shifts in the architecture of our energetic bodies. Our human lives undergo very similar processes as rocks and minerals. We are created and born, we grow and change according to our environment, and as we mature we evolve and transform.

Now is the time to develop self-love and self-acceptance in all parts of our body and being. Be well, and please feel free to reach out to me for guidance with any questions you may have.

Cheers to the journey.