2016 ceremony 2The atmosphere hangs heavy with possibilities of change and new beginnings. As we move into the flow of 2016 there is a cosmic shift happening. You are feeling the incongruence of who you were, and who you are becoming. You may find yourself growing tired of worn-out ideas, people who no longer captivate your spirit, and situations that bleed away your vitality.

The Universe is calling you to step into your spirit, and awaken your light.  There is no more wanting, waiting and moving in circles. This is the time to take charge.

Saying goodbye to the old can awaken many fears, and insecurities. You may question your motives. You may question the path before you. I assure you, you have no reason to worry. The road ahead will unfold before you; all you have to do is take the first step onto this sacred pathway.

Your Journey Starts Now

2016 ceremony 3Like the Fool of the Tarot you are standing on the ledge of what could be. Eyes wide-open filed with wonder, and trepidation. You can leap into the unknown, embraced by the sturdy wings of your spirit, or at the last second you could turn around going back the way you came.

Close your eyes for a second and feel your fear, your wonder, and your incongruence. Listen to the yapping of your past triumphs and failures as they nip at your feet working to distract you from your infinity. Begin to feel the wind rising around you. The push and pull of the elements elates you, motivates you and whispers, “Embrace your spirit and leap into change.

You are standing at the brink of something you cannot even imagine. Filled with magic, wonder and the possibility of freedom. Give into your reckless abandon. Learn to fly. Leap into the mist. See where you will go. Saying yes to possibility is saying yes to your truest self, your spirit.

Your 2016 Sacred Ceremony

Mark the dawning of a new year with this sacred ceremony.

Gather together:

  • paper
  • a pen
  • a white candle
  • sage or incense
  • a personal token (such as a crystal, ring, bracelet or small statue/memento)
  • a fireproof bowl.

2016 ceremony 1Part 1 – Preparing Yourself

  1. In the deep of night, as close to the Eve of the New Year as possibly gather alone and undisturbed. Stand in the center of your space where you will touch the divine. Close your eyes. Follow the rhythm of your breathing. Begin to inhale feeling yourself filled with light, and exhale feeling all your burdens melt away.
  2. Now light your sage smudge or incense. Begin to waft the smoke around the space. Declaring that this place is yours for big change and big magic. See the air lift, lighten and grow fertile with good energies.
  3. Say aloud: I am in sacred space, to touch my spirit and connect with the Universe.
  4. Find which direction you would like to face. North or east is the traditional place to begin when working sacred ceremony. When you find which direction intuitively feels right, stand there strong and feel the ground beneath you. Begin to walk in a circle moving clockwise.
  5. As you walk create a boundary in your mind of white light. See this light as sacred mist forming a circle on the ground, creating a parameter for you to sit within. Cradled in the arms of the Universe and the protection of your Spirit Circle.
  6. When you have come back to your starting place take your seat in the center with your tools gathered before you. Affirm your intention that you are gathered within this sacred circle to create sacred change for 2016.
  7. Now light your candle. Concentrate on the flame of the candle. See it glowing, dancing and burning with energy. Let the candles flame lull you into a deeper meditation. Fill the flame with love and gratitude. This is the light of the Universe.
  8. Affirm: As this light glows, my spirit glows, and the Universe glows around me in love and protection.
  9. Close your eyes for a moment. Scan your body.
  • What do you feel?
  • What emotions are you experiencing as the year ends and the New Year begins? What thoughts do you have?
  • What fears loom around you?
  • Again, breathe into your spirit, inviting the love and protection of the Universe to fill you.

2016 ceremony 4Part 2 – Release Your Intentions

  1. Begin to write on your sheet of paper all the things you experienced in 2015.
  2. First write out the negative. Write out the experiences that hurt you, the people that disappointed you, and the good intentions that seemed to elude you. Write down all the bones of pain, disappointment and fear.
  3. Now take this sheet in your hands, ripping into small strips. Begin lighting them in candles flame. Place them into the fireproof bowl to burn.
  4. Affirm: I release the past. I release the hurt. I release the blocks. I release the disappointment. I release the negativity of the past year.
  5. Take another sheet of paper and begin to write all your glorious triumphs of 2015. What were your big wins for 2015? How did you do it up? In what way did you really live and thrive in 2015? Name the people who blessed your life. Write down the beautiful experiences you had.
  6. Again, tear the paper into strips and begin lighting them in the candle’s flame, placing them in the bowl to burn.
  7. Affirm: I release my blessings with grace and gratitude. I offer this good energy to the Universe so that it may come back to me in kind.
  8. Light the incense or smudge once more. Let the smoke waft around you, filling the sacred space. Let it fill your mind, your body and spirit. Let the smoke fill the places within that are good and ready for new beginnings. Waft the smudge over the bowl. Then begin to press its lit tip into the bowl of ash.
  9. Affirm: These bones of the past, both blessings and failures are the fertile soil of my new intentions. I release you to the earth, to the sky, and to the Universe.
  10. Let the smudge rest in the bowl to burn out.
  11. Take one more sheet of paper and write down what you want to feel in 2016. Feelings are the root to all manifestation. When you begin with the feeling, the Universe can work in your favor to create situations and experiences that support that feeling. Put all the beautiful things you wish to feel on the page. Pour out your heart. Write a love letter to the Universe. Let it flow stream of conscious. Your intuition, the voice of your spirit will come out on the page. Trust this process. Trust your highest good.
  12. When you have finished, fold the page three times, then seal it with a kiss.
  13. Affirm: I send out these feelings of love and gratitude into the Universe. Here I stand open, ready and empowered. I am filled with good feelings. Bless me with positive change.
  14. Hold the personal token you have chosen. Meditate on all the good feelings you wrote out. Fill this token with the good vibes you wish to feel in 2016. Let them settle deep in its core. This is your sacred talisman for 2016. Raise it to the flame (do not burn it), and let it be filled with light. This personal token, this sacred talisman will remind you of those good feelings. Keep it with you to attract positive forces, and to help you stay present in your metamorphosis.
  15. Affirm: I release the past with grace and gratitude. I invite in big magic and big change for 2016. Wrap me in love and protection. I am filled with light.
  16. Blow out the candle. Stand again where you began your sacred circle, this time walking its parameter counter clockwise, visualizing the glowing mist being released back in to the Universe.
  17. Scatter the ashes of your past somewhere outside to be taken by the earth and the wind.

You have now made energetic space for all the good fortune, and good energy of the Universe to work for you in 2016.

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at: ShaheenMiroInsights.com.

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