It’s a little known fact, that Samhain (or Halloween, as you probably know it) is actually the New Years Eve of witches. But before your mind (and your Facebook feed) fills with memes of women in black hats stirring bubbling cauldrons, let’s pause for a moment to unravel the stigma and distortion that have attached to this word, and remind ourselves of the true nature of this creature of magic…

Witches as Women of Power

Witches were regarded for a long, long time in human history as women of power: they held the power to create, to commune with nature, animals and Spirits, and crucially, the power to heal.  This may have taken the form of herbal remedies (magic potion, anyone?) connection to the energetic realms, or plain old counseling and advice. Witches were essential members of their communities, playing vital roles and offering valuable gifts and insights for the health and well being of the whole.  It’s only in relatively recent history that the reputation of the witch has been corrupted, because in truth, a woman with power (and a woman who CAN empower) is a threat to the status quo.  And the status quo, for as long as we can remember it, has been the patriarchy, that is only now showing the first sure signs of crumbling foundations.

The World Needs Witches!

Isn’t it only right, that as this system begins to fall, the essence and archetype of the witch is re-emerging too – the role that she played in our ancient societies is needed once again.

But HOW do you awaken your inner witch?

Here are 7 potent methods that you can start using today!

1. Reclaim your authentic voice

To be a witch is to express yourself authentically, to hold your unique power with ease, and use it wisely. This means no more hiding in the shadows and no more playing small. If you do struggle with self-expression, strengthening the throat chakra could be hugely beneficial for you.  Some really simple and effective ways to do this are to SING, to wear blue around your neck (a scarf or crystal necklace), to observe and work on any habits you have around the throat and mouth (nail biting, overeating or drinking) and to get a shoulder massage, to give a few examples.

2. Tap into your cyclic nature

Witches are at one with nature: the wider expanse of nature that lives outside, and the side of nature that moves within their bodies.  Become intimate with your personal cycles – your energetic, emotional, creative and destructive cycles.  Knowing when you will feel at your best (and your worst!) before choosing to engage in certain activities will give you freedom, and bring you an immense amount of personal power.

3. Create ritual from the everyday

You can create ritual out of almost anything you do, so you could ritualize your morning routine, your mid-afternoon tea making, or perhaps the preparation you do before walking into a meeting with your boss.  The key is to make it intentional, make it powerful and if possible, to make it consistent (meaning that you create ritual every time you engage with that activity). To give the ordinary ritual status, slow down, and incorporate sacred and powerful words, objects and symbols, purposefully tap into the energetic realms, and try to consciously embody your divine nature, as you are carrying out your tasks.

4. Connect to the animals

It’s well known that witches had familiars.  These were believed to be spirits in animal form, who would carry out certain tasks, or pass information to their keepers.  Animals hold an incredible amount of wisdom, both as individual creatures and as their whole species, so to activate this side of your inner witch, start to commune with the animals in your life, whether these are your pets, or any totems which may make themselves known to you.

5. Find your coven

There are solitary witches, but far more fun is to find (or attract) yourself a tribe to weave your magic with.  The number one best way to do this, is to unapologetically radiate your own unique and wondrous self, loud and clear, and allow others to see the real you.  There is something magnetic about a woman owning her power, and this IS the essence of the modern witch – your power is your magic, so don’t keep it to yourself!

6.Adorn yourself

Everybody loves to accessorize.  But your clothing, jewelry and scent needn’t be just for enhancing the way you look (and smell!) so take it a notch higher and consider how to make your adornment as sacred and purposeful as you can.

Are there certain pieces that make you feel stronger, bolder, more powerful and confident?

Do you have favorite scents or perfumed oils which feel protective and cloaking when you wear them?

Get into the habit of using sacred adornment as energetic armor and ammunition, as you prepare for your day, and see how your inner witch flourishes!

7. Get creative.

Create yourself, your home, your surroundings, your work, your entertainment, your whole life to suit … YOU!  Try not to take too much notice of the dominant trends and fashions, trust your instincts when it comes to what you need more of in your life, and what makes you feel good.  And create more of it!

Trusting your own power above the power of any marketing executives or ad agency is what will feed and nourish your inner witch and allow her to emerge more fully into the world.

These witchy tools aren’t beyond the realms of possibility, in fact they could be (and probably are being) adopted and used by empowered women of any name.  Which shows just how much the modern witch is already re-emerging, with or without the label.  But isn’t it time we reclaimed the ancient title, and allowed our inner witches the freedom they deserve?!

Do you call yourself a witch?  Do you associate with the word and its history, or do you repel and resist it?

Share your thoughts and your heart’s murmurings below …

Samhain blessings, sisters.


About Katherine Anne Lee

Katherine Anne Lee is a writer, truth-teller and edge walker. She specializes in reading, and guiding others through the energetic patterns and rhythms that spiral through our worlds. Katherine has spent almost a decade training in the lunar mysteries, and European Shamanic Practice, gathering extensive knowledge and experience in these esoteric arts. She offers practical tools and methods to help modern humans use and integrate this ancient wisdom, in a rapidly evolving world. Visit The Moon School

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