Fear is a powerful companion. In my own life, fear has kept me from taking risks and has had me feeling blocked when I am trying to make a change I know I want to make – a change I truly desire. The blocks I experience are almost always mental and emotional and it is a process of trust and self-commitment to work to clear those blocks, so I can achieve the dreams you have for my life. I have a method that I developed that if I stick with it gets me where I need to go. Perhaps it can do the same for you.

6 Steps to Clear Mental & Emotional Blocks:

It’s important to note that many of your mental and emotional blocks may be subconscious, formed by patterns you adopted in early childhood. Those beliefs, thoughts and emotions exert a pull that is almost imperceptible; but the pull is very real. The best way to know where you have blocks is to look at what is not working in your life. Most likely that is an area where your subconscious patterns are at work.

Try these six steps and notice what you think and feel. I suggest keeping a journal, always a good practice when you go to make a change.

1. Cultivate Positive Feelings.

Using the power of the Law of Attraction, imagine you are already successful in whatever change you want to make. If you want a specific object (like a new apartment for example), imagine you have received exactly the apartment you desire. If you want a new or changed relationship, imagine you are in a fulfilling and happy relationship. Take your journal and write about how you FEEL with the success of your desire being fulfilled. Remember that the Law of Attraction responds to FEELINGS related to specific thoughts rather than to the thoughts themselves.


2. Feel Worthy and Deserving.

Inside of each of us is an abundance of negative self-talk, so much that you might not even notice it. To shift negative self-talk, you must first become aware of it and redirect it. One technique is to make a list of some of the reasons other people love and admire you. Think of parents, children, friends, work colleagues and more. What are the lovable qualities that others see in you? Read that list every day several times a day to build your self-love and feelings of self-worth.


3. Focus on One Day at a Time.

This is not new wisdom but often you (and I) get so caught up in life that the present day slips by. Yet all power is in the present. Always. Make time each day for things you love – music, hugs, art, meditation, walks, nature. If something goes wrong in your day, let it go and shift your focus and energy to something you love. You and only you have the power to choose how you experience your day. Make each day the best day possible.

4. Be Grateful for What You Already Have.

The power of gratitude to shift emotion is well-known. While striving for what you want, remember to be grateful for what you already have. This technique is so powerful because it shifts your focus from one of lack to one of joy in what is already in your life. It moves your mind towards what you already have and what you want rather than what is not going well in your life. Always keep your mind positively on what you want, not what you don’t want. Where your thoughts go, your energy follows; and you want the energy you are creating to be as aligned as possible with your desired state.

5. Expect to Refine What it is You Want.

Manifesting lasting change is a process of trial and error. So, check in every week with your progress and refine your intentions and desires as you notice aspects that you might not have included. I have an example from my own life. When I was looking for my current apartment I didn’t make a list of all the things I wanted. I found myself easily getting accepted at almost every place I visited but then I would realize it didn’t have enough light, or it was missing a gas stove that I really wanted. I finally sat down and refined my list and, voila! The exact right match to my list appeared. I was manifesting my desire for a new apartment but not taking the time to refine my desire. Expect you will also need to refine what it is you want as you go through your process of change.

6. Create Space in Your Life.

A great benefit in any process of change is that you can clear out what is not working in your life. And that is positive for many reasons. You need to create space in your life to bring in the new. So, look at what you have around you and clear out anything that no longer represents the YOU that you are becoming. Sometimes that also means letting go of relationships that no longer serve you. Clearing out isn’t easy but as you do it you’ll notice your energy getting lighter. And, as someone who had moved several times in the last few years, I can tell you that it gets easier each time.

To help you with your process of clearing out mental and emotional blocks (and perhaps some physical space) I’m sharing again an affirmation that always works for me.


I trust the process and flow of my life.

Love and Blessings to each of you as you seek to achieve your dreams.

So, what’s standing in the way of your dreams? Let us know in the comments below…