connecting to spirit worldPinThere is a big world out there filled with wonders, and mysteries waiting for you to explore. So much of the magic goes untouched and unnoticed. We are not these little bodies just wandering through the streets. We are big, vibrant and fascinating balls of light. We glow and swirl through the Universe just like the stars. We are energy! Everything is energy! But most of us have grown blind to this spectacular sight.

I live my life at the edge of two worlds, the world we see and the world just beyond our physical eyes. Everything that lies in those deeper, mystical places can be explored by anyone. It is your right to experience the magical worlds. We are mystical beings.

Fall always evokes these ancient feelings of the Other World. It reminds me that we are truly spirits. Halloween is the old practice of honoring ancestors, and acknowledges that there is a thin divide between what we see, and what we don’t see. Or maybe what we choose not to see.

When the cool October air blows through my spirit, and the leaves rustle around me I can hear the subtle voices of the unseen. Something tingles up my spine and touches me in my core. Maybe it is the voice of a passed loved one, or the gentle wisdom of a spirit guide. Whatever it might be one thing stands true… it all feels closer at this time of year.

Lifting The Veil

It was once believed that at this time of year a veil that stands between the land of the dead, and the land of the living became thin enough for the spirits of the deceased to walk amongst us. Hence the wearing of masks, and the lighting of jack-o-lanterns.

But this veil is actually the veil of our perception. Something intrinsic awakens in us that make us want to connect to the things that normally set just outside of our awareness.

So why not go deeper into this calling. Explore the mystical. Touch the spirits of those who have passed. Find the truth that nothing is ever lost, because energy cannot be lost only transformed.

Open Your Third Eye

The third eye is the center of mystical sight. Touch your index finger to the center of your forehead; this is the resting place of the energy vortex or chakra called the third eye. When activated your third eye will enhance your intuitive perception, and connect you with the deeper realms.

It is not uncommon for people to see spirits, and other mystical vestiges during the month of October, and early November. When we see something Other Worldly we are looking through our invisible eyes, or the window of our third eye.

1. A Meditation To Awaken The Window Of Mystical Sight

third eye anjaPin1. Sit in a quite place, with soft light, and no distraction.

Find a comfortable place on the floor, or seated on a chair. Do not lie down, as this will inspire you to sleep. When you have found a comfortable position close your eyes, and rest your hands at your sides.

2. Find your breath.

Begin to focus on the rhythm of your inhalations and exhalations. Let this rhythm build, inhaling, 1,2,3,4,5, and exhaling, 1,2,3,4,5. Repeat this for a few minutes. Just letting yourself melt into the earth beneath you.

3. Call on your guides

As you relax into this place feel a sense of calm come over you. Call on the guiding energy of your Spirit Circle, and your other celestial guides to join you. See a beautiful white mist surrounding you in a circle. This is the light of Divine protection.

4. Now turn your attention to the center of your head.

Begin to see a small dot of deep purple light forming there. As you breath in, begin to see the purple light swirl and grow. With each inhalation the light spirals, and vibrates.

The light begins to bloom like the unfolding of a flower. Feel the cool, soothing energy of the light as it unfolds from your consciousness. This is the window of the third eye. Your center of mystical sight.

Once the light has grown to about the size of a quarter begin to call your attention back to your breathing. Focus only on inhaling, 1,2,3,4,5, and exhaling, 1,2,3,4,5. Be with your breath for a few moments.

5. Say to yourself: I safely see, and experience the mystical realms. I am open to only good experiences.

When you are reading come back to the room. You will find that the world looks a little more luminous, as if things are glowing from the inside out. Pay attention to any interesting phenomena, and even your dreams while you are sleeping.

2. A Candle Ceremony To Contact The Other Side

candle spiritsPinCandle lighting is one of the oldest forms of sacred communion. People have lit candles, fires, and lanterns in all traditions throughout time as a way of honor, connecting, and calling on Divine providence and assistance. We still light candles to make wishes, and to hold vigil for those who are lost or in need.

Spirits on the Other Side can actually see the warm glow of candle. Because the flame of a candle is raw energy it can spark and inspire any wish or prayer placed upon it. But more importantly a candle can call on the presence of a loved one who has passed.

When we light a candle for a loved one on the Other Side we are not only honoring them, we are actually inviting their presence into our lives. So when you feel you need to reach through the veil and touch those you love light a candle.

A fresh, white candle is preferable. Wash it in lemon juice, or clean spring water. And hold it tightly between your hands. Say a prayer, or affirmation in honor of the person whom you are trying to connect with. Repeat their name a few times. Even seeing their bright face smiling at you.

Place the candle in a stable holder, and when you have entered a reverent and meditate state light the wick. Say their name a few times as a way of acknowledging their presence in your life, and heart.

This is a symbolic gesture that invites your spirits to intertwine and communicate.  You may find at this time you sense your spirit friend. You may hear, feel or even see something that hints at their visit. Trust whatever you experience at this time.

Begin to talk to your loved one as if they are right in front of you. Ask questions. Tie up loose ends. Whatever your heart needs you have created the safe space to let it out.

When you are finished show your gratitude, and express your love. Blow out the candle. Know that though the ceremony has ended, your connection has not. Your loved one will still be with you, guiding, protecting and loving you.

You may have interesting dreams, or other validations that they are around, listening and loving you.

Do the above meditation before the candle ceremony to open yourself up to an even more profound experience.

3. Calling Through The Veil

third eyePinWhen a person passes on to the Other Side they are not just wispy balls of fluff floating through the either, they are still vibrant, thriving beings… living, exploring, growing and loving. But they have not forgotten you! They are always happy to come play, or listen.

Sometimes you cannot take time for a reverent moment as you did in the Candle Ceremony, but your loved ones are still ready to listen. Simply connect with them by speaking to them, or thinking about them.

Words and thoughts are energetic actions that can be sent through time and space. When you speak aloud, or think about your loved ones they will receive the message through the veil on the Other Side. Especially when you are in times of despair.

I find that when I really need help I just talk to my grandmother as if she was right there in the room with me. I like to be respectful and say hello, ask how she is doing, and then confide in her. And just like magic, something seems to happen!

Try it! Reach out and touch the unseen. Touch the mystical. You are part of Other Side, just as much as you are a part of this world. Energy never dies… so when we pass on we are just changing forms.

4. Collecting Clues & Messages

Just like children collecting candies, and goodies on Halloween night as they trick or treat, we too can collect little nuggets of wisdom, insight and validation from our friends on the Other Side. In fact they send us messages daily… throughout the whole year! You just have to pay attention.

Pay attention. Have you experienced a series of coincidences? Has something strange happened that you just can’t seem to shake? Have you had a reoccurring thought, dream, or maybe a song keeps playing on the radio?

These are all messages from the Other Side. Someone, a loved one in spirit, your Spirit Circle, or your higher self wants to get a message to you. Begin collecting these little curious events.

Write down whatever you are experiencing. You can make notes as the days progress about what they may be hinting at. This is one of the best ways to develop your intuition, and learn to communicate with the Other Side.

And whenever you have to have someone who has passed on, on your mind, especially out of the blue they are trying to connect with you. So be silent, be still, and say hello.

5. A Few Magical Touches

writing to spiritsPinAmethyst is a powerful stone for awakening the third eye, and connecting with the unseen worlds. Wear amethyst, keep it near your bed, hold it while you meditate, or add it to a relaxing bath. This will infuse its energies into your energy body, and help to jumpstart your innate abilities.

Write letters, or notes to your loved ones in spirit, or your Spirit Circle and tuck them under your pillow before bed. This will help set the intention that you want to communicate with them, and you will usually find an answer in your dreams.

Keeping fresh flowers, especially white ones helps to attract benevolent spiritual forces. Those on the Other Side see this as a welcoming gesture, and often come to visit. Before doing a meditation, or a reading place a bouquets of flowers near where you are working to raise the vibration.

Objects hold energy patterns. If you have a personal item of someone in spirit then you have a direct link to their energy. Holding this object and reaching out through your own spiritual perception can help you communicate with them, or even experience their lifeline… things from their past, forgotten memories and little bits of information. This is called psychometry.

We could explore the spirit world for hours, but this should give you a good leap into the mystical realms. And always remember that your intention to touch only good will keep you safe, and in high vibration as you explore and play.