Been asking your Angels for guidance?

Sometimes feel like your pleas for Angels signs and support are going unnoticed?

Well, maybe it’s not because your Angels aren’t listening. Have you ever considered that you’re the one who’s not tuning in?

Throughout all the seasons of your life, you have Guardian Angels with you, who are constantly communicating their love, guidance, and insight. And with so much going on in our world right now, it’s unlikely that any of us would still BE here without the help of our Angelic protectors and Spirit Guides!

So if you feel like you’re not connecting, then it may be simply due to you not realizing just how Angels communicate. There’s no one-size-fits-all formula (so if you’ve been looking for one… there’s your first problem!) To help with this, here are 5 common ways your Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides may be trying to communicate their guidance with you:

**Remember though, they may use one, two, or a combination of these Angel signs. Or none at all… in which case you need to tap into that intuition closer than ever!

So don’t be attached to any of these ways, rather, use them as a general guide…

1. Telepathy

Also known as telepathic or psychic communication. This can be so subtle that it’s discounted by many people if Angelic presence isn’t felt strongly, and they’re looking for something more tangible and obvious.

Telepathy is when information is passed directly to your mind, bypassing the other senses. You may hear people speaking of the “sixth sense” – this is what they mean.

There are four categories of telepathy:

Often occurring in short or sudden bursts of information, Angels will use telepathy when they have a specific message to share with you.

You may also receive or “hear” telepathic confirmation in the form of a yes / no answer, or in response to a question or specific situation.

It is also possible to receive guidance of this kind in the form of a sequence. Meaning that once you have heard and understood the message, another will be passed onto you, building on the last.

2. Downloads from Spirit

There are times when your Guardian Angel may “download” or share with you entire concepts, ideas or blocks of information all at once.

Angels do this when it’s important that you quickly receive a full and complete picture of something.

A little like reading an entire book at once, or downloading a complete course from the internet – all the information is there immediately. Yet it’s important to realize that with this kind of spiritual message, you may need to spend time sorting through it, to receive its full meaning.

This is when it would be useful to have a journal ready, to write down the message as it comes to you.

3. Inner Knowing

Angelic guidance may also appear in the form of a deep sense of inner knowing. It’s like deep feeling of the truth.

Guidance through inner knowing may be hard to put into words, as it’s different from receiving a very clear sign. But that doesn’t make it any less effective or powerful.

Like intuition, inner knowing can sometimes feel like you have an ‘inner voice’. But don’t discount it, or feel like it’s not true angelic energy. Your Guardian Angels may use inner knowing and these intuitive feelings to relay ideas or insights into your next steps.

4. Dreams and Meditation

During times of sleep and meditation, your conscious ego-mind lets down its guard, allowing you to tap into higher consciousness.

As a result, communication with Angels, loved ones and Spirit Guides becomes possible. Meditating on a daily basis, and setting intentions to recall your dreams, will also make the connection with your Guardian Angels much stronger.

Receiving clear telepathic messages, feeling the love and presence of your Angels, receiving downloads, and seeing Angel Signs, Angel Numbers and number sequences are all possible within a dream or meditation space.

5. Angel Signs and Symbols

Signs are an incredibly common way for Guardian Angels to communicate.

Angels use all sorts of signs and symbols to alert you to their presence, though in this day and age some are more common than others.

Sightings of Angel Numbers have increased dramatically over the past few years, as has the depth and complexity of the meaning behind certain number sequences.

The most common Angel Number is still 1111. You have likely come across this sequence in your daily life! Other common Angel Numbers are 911, 1212 and 29. Or the number sequences 2222, 4444 and even 666.

Follow the links below to find out more:

Some other common Angel signs include:

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When you notice an Angel sign, there is likely a further underlying communication as well so pay attention to it.

How do your Guardian Angels connect with you? Drop a message in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!

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