mystic tips 2A storm of energy rages through the atmosphere around us. The malignant creation of our negative thought forms and feelings floating in and out of our heads, and hearts. A natural by-product of our negative self-talk, our daily discontent, frustration and the occasional ill-will we “harmlessly” project onto others.

The spite from an angry driver on the way to work. The unhappy barista making your latte. The melancholy rider next to you on the train. All projecting unbridled energetic toxins and clutter through the atmosphere. A natural part of living, like dust or trash, mostly unnoticed, but after enough collects your become heavy, vulnerable and even ill.

No one is to blame, yet we are all responsible. So let’s do our part to keep the psychic atmosphere clean, and to raise our vibration in the process. It feels good to be happy and whole. Plus, it is one step closer to living life more abundantly!

1. Claim Your Space

Begin with claiming your space. Mentally, emotionally and energetically speaking when you claim your space you throw up your personal bubble of protection. Ownership of your space keeps negative influence at bay, and increases your sense of wellbeing.

Try to recall a person you’ve met who seem to radiate a personal forcefield. A seemingly impenetrable bubble of protection that keeps you treading just around the parameters comfortably out of their space!

These individuals have made energetic space for their own wellbeing. Though they may seem intimidating, introverted, unapproachable or even arrogant, they often are none of those things. Rather they have made an effort to cultivate their wellbeing by protecting their spirit self, their thoughts and feelings.

Declare your own space by staying mentally and emotionally alert. Staying accountable for your state of being. And making a daily effort to check in with yourself to measure where you are, and what you are projecting out into the either.

This projection is what those around you are swimming through, interacting and responding accordingly.

Turn your attention to what you are thinking and feeling. It may feel unnatural at first to filter your thoughts and feelings, but after awhile it will become second nature. You will never be immune to negative thinking, or down feelings, but you will begin to sense a shift in your state of well-being as you go there, and you can consciously shift out!

This state of awareness allows you to clarify what you are projecting outward into the either, and refine how, and in what way people will respond to, and interact with you. Oh, and it’s okay to be a little tough sometimes, or to seem a little standoff-ish. An element of mystery never hurt anyone.

You’ll find this very helpful when you are amongst large groups of people, in tense situations, or feeling under pressure from work. Turning inward in this way may seem a little redundant or unnecessary, but I promise, you will be surprised at how unaware of your present state of being you usually are.

I know I am often the last to know how I really feel, or what I am really thinking, until I make the effort to pay attention. I am constantly catching negative thought by the tail as they float out of my mind. Declaring to myself… You’re thinking it again… And making an effort to shift. Sometimes even talking out loud to others in this way can be helpful. Be honest about where you are!

As your create the space and cultivate the practice of noticing you thoughts and feelings you can replace them with something more wholesome and upliftings. Essentially nullifying your more insidious state.

2. Exercise to Shift Your Energetic State

Begin making a daily practice of observing your thoughts. Your thoughts are the way you process, and shift your emotions. Throughout the day, especially in those hectic times when you tend to lose track of yourself, consciously stop and ask yourself:

  • What am I thinking right now?
  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What is driving these feelings, and these thoughts?

When you catch yourself at the tail end of a limiting thought swap it out with a more uplifting one. For every negative thought you have, replace it with three positive ones. Activate these 3 positive thoughts by affirming them out loud.

For example: Say you are thinking limiting thoughts about your shortcomings and weakness on a project you are doing for work. Nullify that limiting pattern by affirming out loud, or in your head:

“(Your negative thought) may not be my strong point, but I am EXCELLENT at (positive thought 1), (positive thought 2), and (positive thought 3). I have this under control and flowing smoothly!”

Begin to imagine that affirmation playing out in your head. Go through the story in your head. See yourself really embodying those 3 positive attributes. As you envision these attributes you activate your feelings, raising your vibration and shifting your energetic story.

Check in again, asking:

  • What am I feeling right now?
  • What am I projecting outward into the world with my emotions?

Another fun question I like to ask is:

What color am I right now?

Just close your eyes and see a color. Do not think too hard about it. Do not think about what color you want to be. Just call out the first color that fills your head. Now you can explore what emotion your color elicits. This is a way of tricking your mind into being honest about your feelings.

I like to end these sessions with a smile. Smiles always make things better. They remind your body to feel good!

As you clarify your emotions through acknowledging your thoughts you detoxify the psychic atmosphere around you. Refining and redirecting your energy to uplift and support you, and everyone in your life.

mystic tips 13. Visualize a Cloak of Velvet Black

Black is a powerful color for diffusing psychic interference. Black is essentially the absence of color. A void that absorbs and silences energetic turbulence. Black promotes psychic protection, transformation, and gestation.

Begin to calm yourself through rhythmic breathing. Find your personal flow…inhaling to the count of four…exhaling to the count of four. Place your hand on your belly feeling it rise and fall with your breathing. Spend a moment going deeper into your body, your mind and your spirit.

Once you’ve found your center of gravity, fill your mind with static. See the static, like on an old TV, crackling through your mind. Allow your mind to hum with snowy static. Let it grow and expand through you, and around you until finally you are absorbed in a salt and pepper static snow storm.

Now that you are in the center of this static cloud you notice the black specs begin to out-number the white. Growing, thriving and multiplying, the static begins to turn a deep, velvety black. Leaving you cradled in a a soothing black velvet cloud.

You are now shielded from harm in a warm black velvet cloak of protection. Every negative intention, or stray thought that floats into your personal space will be absorbed into the blackness of your velvety cloak…recycled back into the Universe to be used somewhere else.

Wearing a black sweater, a velvet jacket or a nice black wool scarf will amplify this visualization. Something soft, soothing, and warm that you can wrap yourself in. Remember you can recall your velvet cloak visualization whenever you need.

Black Tourmaline the Protector

Black Tourmaline is my personal favorite and one of the most revered protective amulets. A deep, inky black stone, often rough and variegated. Wearing black tourmaline has a similar affect to the black velvet cloak of protection. This stone will neutralize psychic interference, and help clarify the atmosphere around you. Shielding and protecting you from negative intentions, and even malevolent forces.

Deeply shamanic, black tourmaline will energetically root you into the earth, and help you go inward for meditation and introspection. In this state of reflection you will find clarity and understanding of your thoughts, emotions and energetic story. Going inward allows you to discover your spiritual purpose, and claim your space on all levels.

Wear black tourmaline in pieces of jewelry, carried in your pocket or tucked into a small leather bag around your neck or waist. Hold it during times of need. Even tucking it under your pillow while you sleep will allow it’s magic to work! Listen to your intuition, and the stone’s spirit.

Play Your Part in the Universe

Here are just a few tips for building up your spiritual immunity, and also doing your part in the Universe. There are so many ways to spread around good vibes, and help inspire love and creativity. Find what works for you. Most importantly listen to Spirits messages for you. You have a unique way of being in the world, and often times that is the most powerful tool for abolishing negative energy!

About Shaheen Miro

Shaheen Miro is an Intuitive Reader and Energy Worker helping people find clarity and reclaim their personal power. He connects with people all over the world through Intuitive Guidance Sessions, workshops and events and conducts workshops and presentations nationally, on subjects like, creativity, intuition, tea leaf reading and spiritual cleansing. He is the author of, The Lunar Nomad Oracle: 43 Cards to Unlock Your Creativity and Awaken Your Intuition. Learn more at:

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