If you think anger is a bad emotion….think again! Anger is like a loyal companion that will help you to be assertive and uphold your rights in life. Never judge yourself for being angry. The most important thing is how you express it. If you hold it deep within you for a long period of time, it can result in you damaging your liver and you don’t want that do you?

There are several ways to cope with this crippling emotion but first, you need to recognize the signs.

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1. Observe Your Triggers

Begin to be conscious of when anger arises within you, as it may prevent you from reacting to a situation that you will late regret. Some of these signs may appear as a warning to you that anger is rising to the surface. A thumping heart or a tightness in your chest, clenching your jaw or grinding your teeth, raising your voice, your blood levels rise, becoming overly serious, pacing, becoming judgemental of other people, feeling like you need a good argument or being short-tempered, defensive and snappy.

2. Identify The Cause

Anger can arise for a myriad of reasons and sometimes when you least expect it. If someone is being treated with disrespect it can be an understandable response. However, if you feel that your behavior is unjustified, try and discover what triggered you during the day. If you can’t pinpoint anything, it might just be that you are tired, under pressure at work, disappointed with your life path, or perhaps going through some hormonal changes.

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3. Get It Onto Paper

A great method to help you understand why you are feeling angry is to write down your emotions in a journal. This will not only help you to shine new awareness on your present moment impulses but is highly likely to defuse the scenario.

4. Pivot Your Attention

Try and shift your focus onto something that makes you feel good, rather than the very thing that has triggered the anger response in you. Perhaps, you can listen to some peaceful music or look at some peaceful images. Often when we are experiencing anger, it is because we have slipped into judgment. Remember that we attract more of what we judge and our emotions are powerful magnets.

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5. Bite Your Tongue

If you get taken over by anger, it becomes impossible to deal with the situation in a productive or helpful way. If you feel yourself losing your cool, just walk away from the situation or count to ten Take some time to cool off and calm down and you find that your powers to deal effectively with the troublesome situation improve tenfold.

6. Exercise

Moving your body is a highly effective method to let go of building anger. You could take a walk around the block, go for a run, or do something really high-energy like boxing.

7. Open Up To A Friend

Discussing your emotions or problems with someone you trust will help to bring about a sense of relief. Often, if your anger is getting out of control, talking with some neutral like a counselor or coach can be a blessing, if not better because they do not present a biased viewpoint.

8. Slow Down, Breathe & Let It Go!

Sometimes just closing your eyes and focussing on your breath is enough to stop anger in its tracks. Meditations are really easy to get hold of these days. It just takes making a decision to give yourself some time out and refocus on your inner world. You will be amazed at how quickly it dissipates.

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9. Go To Sleep

Now, this may not be an option for every situation. But, if you are finding that your tension levels are starting to rise and you’re at home, it’s a good idea to try to sleep it off. Sometimes, a good rest will help provide you with much-needed clarity and will give your emotions time to settle again.

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10. Bathe In Red Or Green

In Color Therapy, the color red represents anger. You may even hear people saying things like ‘I’m seeing red’. This robust color can help to transmute anger as color remedies work on a ‘like treats like’ basis similar to homeopathy. The complementary or opposite color to red is green. This is also used as an antidote for red related issues such as anger, rage or frustration. Green is all about space, It is calming and balancing and will help you to transform anger in an instant. Try the ColorMirrors Wood remedy, C1, the Red Angel or Mars to help you along the way.

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How do you deal with anger when it arises? Please leave a few comments to let me know.