Palmistry, Love & You, or, “How Can Palmistry Help Me Find My
One True Love?”

Using a knowledge of palmistry and a little common sense, you can easily identify whether a relationship will be marked by compatibility or constant confrontation. Luckily, the points to check and compare are relatively few in number.

STEP ONE: Compare Hand Shapes

Using the Elemental Hand System, you can determine the extent to which you will be compatible with someone else.

Do you both have the same type of hand? This is a good sign that you will get along well. For example, two Earth hands will share a similar approach to life in general, and would be in agreement a majority of the time.

If the hand types are different, you’ll need to consider how well the elements each hand represents go together, as there are both positive and negative combinations. For example, Air and Fire would be an excellent combination, since Fire thrives on the presence of Air. Air and Earth is another good combination, since all living things prosper when they receive the proper amounts of Air and Earth.

A negative combination would be Water and Fire, since too much Water will extinguish Fire, and too much Fire puts Water on the boil.

Water and Air would at first glance appear to be a good combination since we need both for existence, but in reality this combination would be a neutral combination since in nature mixing the two elements doesn’t really produce much of anything.

STEP TWO: Compare Heart Lines

The next features to compare in each hand are the Heart lines. Here the critical aspects to examine are what types of Heart lines are in each hand, and where they end.

The best sign of compatibility is when each have similar types of Heart lines, and end in the same place. Two Physical Heart lines will get along well, as will two Mental Heart lines. This is not to say that a Physical Heart line and a Mental Heart line won’t be compatible, but to make this determination you’ll need to compare where each of the lines ends.

The optimal ending positions of the Heart line would be between the Jupiter and Saturn fingers, as this would indicate that both people have learned to balance their personal needs with the needs of others, and have fairly realistic expectations of others.

If both hands have Heart lines that end under the Jupiter finger, both people will have a tendency to be idealistic, and easily hurt and disappointed when the other person doesn’t live up to their vision of what a relationship should be like.

In a similar manner, if both Heart lines finish under the Saturn finger, both people will be somewhat self-centered and place their needs ahead of the other person’s in just about every situation.

The most difficult combination to imagine would be where one line ends under the Jupiter finger and the other ends under the Saturn finger. In a combination like this, one person would certainly place himself or herself first in the relationship, much to the disappointment of the other.

If the Heart lines end in similar positions, the relationship can certainly work, but each partner will need to be aware of how the other experiences their emotional life and how they relate to others.

For example, the Mental Heart line person will not be as expressive as their Physical Heart line partner, and will need to work at being more open with their emotions. On the other side of the relationship, the Physical Heart line partner will need to understand that their partner does in fact have deep emotions, but prefers to keep them inside. It would be wise for the Physical Heart line partner to bring out their mate’s emotional side by reminding them with signs of affection such as flowers, cards, and verbal expressions.

STEP THREE: Compare Thumbs

A third checkpoint for compatibility is the comparison of the thumbs. Ideally, the thumbs should be alike. Remember that the flexibility of the thumb is an indication of how flexible or unyielding a person can be. The pairing of two people, one with a pliable thumb and the other a stiff thumb, would be characterized by the domination of one by the other.

A good match would be two people with flexible thumbs, indicating that they would both be willing to give a little when a confrontation came up. On the other side of the compatibility coin, two people with stiff, inflexible thumbs might seem like a bad match, but the relationship could be saved if they both learned the art of compromise.

STEP FOUR: Compare the Mounts of Venus

The last feature to compare would be the respective Mounts of Venus. As with the other compatibility features, the more similar the Mounts of Venus are, the more compatible will be the two people. Since the Mount of Venus is an indication of a person’s approach to their sexuality, a large difference in the dimensions of a couple’s Mounts of Venus could very well spell incompatible views on the importance and frequency of intimacy in the relationship.