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An extraordinarily wonderful Taurus New Moon will appear on May 6!

It happens at 8:29 pm Universal Time (London), and 3:29 pm in New York (Eastern time) and 12:29 pm Pacific time – May 7 in Asia and Oceania.

The big themes for this Taurus Moon are love, abundance, nurturing and compassion.

You’ll feel much lighter with this lunation – it’s one of the most peaceful, happy and blessed moons of 2016!

The month of May emits different energetics from April in the numerology code too, helping you to feel lighter, have more fun, be flexible as you go out and explore and take more chances. You’re going for it this month!

This energy is all about setting you free…

Additionally, since the end of April, five planets are retrograde and they continue to be retrograde during this New Moon! That hasn’t happened in TEN YEARS! Lots of stuff that was hidden from your consciousness before now is being uncovered.

You’re SEEING things you never did before. It’s as if you are holding a laser sword of truth, shining a new bright new LIGHT on people and situations. You’re noticing new motivations, personality traits, hidden agendas, and making profound discoveries that are turning into big AHA moments. Most likely you are adjusting. Most likely you are recalibrating. Definitely, something is changing.

Then… three days after the New Moon, on May 9, we have another extraordinary celestial celebration that will reverberate deeply in you.

  • Jupiter moves direct on May 9.
  • Mercury transits over the Sun forming a rare planetary Eclipse (3 hours later)!

There’s lots to share with you on this month’s New Moon Forecast Video.

Enjoy the positive shifts!

Love and Abundant Blessings,

Tania Gabrielle

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