monkey 2016Fabulous February is here! What a fantastic month awaits you!

This is an exciting month, because you’ll actually feel the sense of new beginnings you seek in the New Year.

Last month’s Mercury Retrograde muddled the energy a bit, as you were busy processing old wounds and resurrecting your buried spiritual gifts. NOW is your time to truly plant the seeds for a positive, prosperous 2016 and beyond. You have the Chinese New Year to celebrate!


February 8th is the Chinese New Year, ushering in the Year of the Fire Monkey. The Chinese zodiac is based on the lunar calendar, rather than our solar one. Since the moon governs your inner life, soul, intuition, and emotions, you’ll really feel this sense of renewal.

Fire is the element of passion and courage. Blessings and bounty will come to those bold enough to believe in themselves.

The Monkey is a quick-witted problem-solver who is can find solutions to any challenge. The Fire Monkey year is empowering you to have and be what you want, if you have the courage to go for your dreams!


Even though 2016 is a 9 Universal Year of endings and letting go, it is also a year of celebrating and culminating all the work you’ve done for the past 9 years. It’s time for you to reap your rewards!

The only things you are letting go of are the people, circumstances, and relationships that aren’t supporting you in fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

Declare 2016 the year to be true to YOU!


happy kidThe Chinese New Year is initiated on the Aquarius New Moon, which falls on 2.8.2016.

New Moons are always a potent time to set your intentions for the future. This New Moon is especially blessed.  It is positively aspected by Aquarius’ ruling planets Uranus and Saturn giving you insight (Uranus) and practical tools (Saturn) to make your dreams a reality.

There are many more New Moon blessings!

  • 8.2016 is a 1 Universal Day (2+8+2+0+1+6 = 19/1)

A potent combination of the number 8 – for infinite abundance, and 1 for new beginnings is very fortuitous for you to fulfill your heart’s desires

  • February 2016 is an 11 Universal Month (2 + 2+0+1+6 = 11)

11 is a Master Number of the Inspired Intuitive where you are aligned to receive your vision for the future, so you can embark on the next step toward fulfilling your soul’s purpose.

  • Aquarius is the sign of the Visionary – you will receive a higher perspective on how you can use your unique talents to benefit the greater good.

Our Sun will be in this revolutionary visionary sign until February 19th, joined by Venus and Mercury this month, ensuring that your heart (Venus) and mind (Mercury) are in alignment with your unique vision for future to fulfill your soul’s purpose.



How often do you give your time, energy, or resources to help other people, leaving very little for yourself? The Master Number 11 of this month is teaching you how to create balance in your life and relationships by making YOUR happiness your #1 priority. When you treat yourself with the generosity that you bestow on others, you are sending a powerful message to your subconscious and the Universe that you are worthy of BIG THINGS. That will be mirrored back to you in your life and relationships.


You have an inner light that you can switch on at any time. Connect with the Light of Source, and turn up the wattage of how you radiate in the world, and marvel as you attract positive people and circumstances.

Also, remember to lighten up and not take yourself too seriously. If there’s any animal that can bring levity and humor to a situation, it’s the monkey. So remember to stay light-hearted as you see the light in all situations.


You need to create a sacred space for yourself to accomplish your soul’s highest intentions. That means letting go of all the energy vampires in your life, including the ones you create yourself!

You have to know your limits. Are you listening to your own inner rhythms, or are you forcing yourself to do things that don’t feel good? You’re not doing yourself any favors by exhausting yourself. Ask yourself if the relationships and activities in your life are truly energizing you.  If it isn’t benefitting your greater good, it’s time to say no and let it go!


This year, more than ever, you need to be true to yourself! You have something completely unique to offer the world. It is only by allowing yourself to be unique that you will be able to fulfill your soul’s purpose.

If you’ve received an inspiration or have a desire in your heart, you have all the tools inside of you to make your dreams a reality. When you take the steps to fulfill your heart’s desires, the whole Universe will align to help you.

Have the courage to express your unique voice and creativity, and marvel at the magical opportunities that come to you!

Take advantage of the potent energy this month, and make your dreams come true! Leave a comment below about what YOURE doing to express your unique creativity. We can all support each other!

About Kari Samuels

Kari Samuels is an Intuitive Numerologist and Happiness Coach who helps people world-wide align with their soul’s purpose and reclaim their natural spiritual gifts. Through her radio shows, online courses, and inspiring YouTube videos, Kari has taught thousands of people how to interpret the letters of their name and numbers in their birth date to heal their past, tune into their present, and decipher their destiny. Check out more of her awesome stuff at, where you can receive her free Numerology Guide to a Happy Life.

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