Things are progressing at last!

December 2020 is NUMBERED 12+2+0+20 = 34. The #34 indicates December will be a month of settlements, completion and progress.

December 2020

1st – Today’s energy will bring the financial help we need. Job advancements and inheritances are favored.

2nd – Today’s temporary burdens are designed to test our faith and resolve. Problems may have to be settled legally.

3rd – Friendships, partnerships and family blend with business to our financial benefit. A great day for finding new love and building on existing relationships.

4th – Today many advantages come our way and our fondest desires can be fulfilled materially and spiritually.

5th – Today is a great day for love, relaxation and joining in partnership with others for doing good.

6th – Today a new order comes into play via the birth of a child, a new business or a new lifestyle. Breaks and separations are likely.

7th – Today is a day of reaping. Love, abundance, fertility and change are on tap!

8th – The keywords for a successful day today are love and cooperation. Time spent alone enhances creative abilities.

9th – Today is a day for celebrating healing, increase, and peace. Wait for tomorrow to start anything new.

10th – Today is a great day for evaluating our circumstances. If we feel discontentment it’s time to set new goals.

11th – Today the past is revisited. Learn the lesson and then let go. No need to cry over spilled milk.

12th – With energy and enthusiasm we can achieve our goals today!!

13th – Today, with will power and determination, we can transform ideas into reality.

14th – Today is a great day for expressing creative talents, spending time with children and giving to worthy causes.

15th – Today we can catch up on the work that needs to be done. Marriages today will be for love and security. Avoid overindulging on food or drink!

16th – Expect positive changes today. Be careful in traffic and avoid arguing with others.

17th – Today’s energy favors all who speak truth to power. True and false are separated as those who fight for the right are victorious.

18th – Today’s energy favors change, separation and meditation. A day of REST!!

19th – Be decisive in business and finances can improve. Trouble comes and goes as our courage is tested.

20th – Look for the truth beneath superficial appearances. Keep emotions under control to reach successful conclusions.

21st – Leadership is rewarded today. Prolonged efforts reach successful conclusions.

22rd – Today’s energy favors those who work for peace, justice, and cooperation. Be the change you seek.

23rd – Today’s energy encourages artistic expression. Acting, writing, painting, etc. are great outlets.

24th -Today is a great day for rest, relief, retreat and convalescence. CHILL.

25th – Yesterday’s thinking leads to progressive changes today!

26th – Today’s energy favors love, companionship, and a meeting of minds. Expect peaceful settlements of unresolved issues.

27th – This is a great day for meditation and study. Be tolerant of others and keep the faith.

28th – Today is great for looking beyond materialism and focusing on the joys within.

29th – Today is a day to let go and let GOD. Give today without thought of reward

30th – It’s a perfect day for developing inner awareness through spiritual practices.

31st – Today we experience a vibration of abundance. Share with others. Marriage is favored.

Comment below with the day you’re most looking forward to this month!

About Dr Craig Wright

Dr. Craig Wright is a native of Baltimore, Maryland where he studied religion and philosophy in his youth as a member of the Baltimore Ethical Society. He holds degrees in Psychology and Metaphysics. He is an Ordained Metaphysical Minister, and a Certified Metaphysical Practitioner. Dr. Wright's Services are available at

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