November 2020 is NUMBERED 11+2+0+20 = 33. The #33 indicates November will be a month of self-sacrifice, courage, healing, and attending to family responsibilities. Here is your daily reading for each day of the coming month…

November 2020

1st – Pursuits are approaching completion, and settlements are at hand. Successful conclusions may require travel. Keep the faith.

2nd – Today is a day that focuses on our finances. It’s a great day for joining with others for mutual gains. Major purchases are favored.

3rd – Emotions run high today. We are experiencing the end of that which is no longer needed.

4th – We are off to a new beginning and a fresh start. Militant attitudes may be displayed by those who feel threatened by change.

5th – Today’s energy favors us all. Unity, love, visions, rewards…our “cups” overflow as a powerful spiritual force ushers in a wave of Global fellowship.

6th – “Love isn’t put in our hearts to stay…love isn’t love til you give it away.” Today is a day for sharing generously and joining others in projects that bring healing and will uplift all.

7th – Today we eliminate pass procedures that have impeded progress. New birth requires letting go of old habits. Time to put in the work we have put off.

8th – As a result of today’s energy, conditions are changing for the betterment of us all. Positive efforts are paying off abundantly.

9th – Today is a day to extend an olive branch of peace, love and cooperation. Marriages and partnerships are highly favored.

10th – Today’s energy brings successful conclusions and closure. The hay is in the barn. Celebrations are in order!!

11th – Powerful forces are controlling today. Expect revelations on a global scale. Today, the truth will set us free.

12th – Although things may fall short of expectations, we can still use what we gain to start something new. Don’t be pulled into repeating past mistakes.

13th – The #13 always signals change release and transformation. So today we will either be in a new environment or our old environment will change for the better.

14th – Today we are called to do more and will have the opportunity to receive proportionately. Values are the vehicle that we use to rise or fall. Choose wisely.

15th – Today is a great day to spend with family and friends. Give your time, talents and resources to a worthy cause.

16th – The power for loss is great today as is the power for fame and gain. Faith and concern for others bring the latter. Avoid ego pride and arrogance.

17th – Calculated risk pay off big today. Family difficulties smooth out and the rewards of past efforts are evident. Compassion for others should be expressed.

18th – Maintain a positive hopeful attitude today. Our intuition will guide and protect us from unwarranted attacks.

19th – Expect delays today. A great day for rest or a retreat. Spending time in nature will have a healing effect.

20th – Today’s energy may require decisive action on our part. Someone or something may suddenly enter or exit our lives. Business, finance or the law may be involved.

21st – Take care of body needs today. Exercise, eat well and get rest. Visit the sick and shut in (safely)

22nd – Another day with global indications. Leadership qualities are rewarded. Get the work done.

23rd – Today’s energy favors balance, decisions and compromise. Appearances can be deceiving, don’t be fooled.

24th – Today’s energy favors emotional growth through loss or disappointment. Family love heals. Artistic endeavors provide an outlet for emotions to be expressed positively.

25th – Quietly contemplating our station in life can lead to future growth. Working alone may be best today.

26th – Travel change and responsibility are indicated under today’s influences. Stand up for what you believe!!

27th – After a period of struggle today’s energy favors win/win resolutions.

28th – Take care of your health today and do not overexert. A great day for meditation and practicing forgiveness.

29th – Today brings honor and recognition to those who are operating beyond material superficiality. False friends are revealed.

30th – Today, emotional situations require self-control and a live and let live tolerant frame of mind. Struggles end when we let them go.