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This week’s theme is Don’t Give Up & Self-Confidence.

Welcome to our Weekly Numerology Message.

Which number are you drawn to this week?

24 or 40?

Take a deep breath, close your eyes and feel into each number. Which one holds a special message for you today? Then post the # you picked in the comments below and also I’d love to hear what part of the message really hit home for you?

Messages for #24Pin


Do you feel like throwing in the towel?

Times are definitely tough for all of us as we get used to a new normal. It’s okay if you are feeling down and out and discouraged. We are all trying to find our flow and create as much normalcy in our lives as possible.

The most important thing right now is for you to be gentle with yourself. Don’t expect too much from yourself and others as well. Remember to take one day at a time, putting one foot in front of the other. Overwhelming feelings can send you down that rabbit hole so focus on one win a week to keep you moving forward.

And if you don’t have regular connection with others create your own happy hour group or accountability group. Gather your nearest and dearest friends or family together for a weekly meeting on zoom to uplift and inspire each other. You totally got this and you are not alone.

Things right now may not be easy but do not give up. Better is coming and soon.

Love & Relationships

This number is a good sign in terms of romance it indicates a positive change is coming and possibly up-leveling your commitment to each other. You are both on an incredible journey together with many twists and turns but it’s all good because you are having this experience “together.”

Affirmation for #24

I don’t give up, I rise up and meet the demands of the day.

Messages for #40Pin


Are you self-critical?

Do you find that you are beating yourself up a lot lately? Being extra harsh and critical or maybe feeling like you are doing it wrong and you just can’t get a break?

Sounds like you are being impatient and way too hard on yourself.

If you drew #40 it’s time to BACK OFF and lighten up.

4 – angels are all around you
0 – infinity and possibilities

And remember, whenever we get that 0 next to any number it MAGNIFIES that message so you have a MULTITUDE a whole legion of angels that are with you right now!

40 – regain your inner strength and find new inspiration

This message is inviting you to find and do things that increase your self-confidence, whether that’s taking a class or spending some one-on-one time with yourself doing something you love this is the week to get it done.

Love & Relationships

If you’ve chosen this number it also means something new is coming into your life in terms of romance. Also, don’t neglect your relationships it’s important to give your loved does quality attention and try to relax. Running around like a crazy person only adds to your anxiety. Slow down and be present.

Affirmation for #40

I keep calm and let my destiny guide me.

Which number resonated with you this week?

Go ahead and drop it below. It’s always fun to hear what number you were drawn to and how the message fit.

Your Spiritual Team wants you to know they are with you cheering you on from the sidelines. Watch for the number you chose as you move about this week as confirmation that they really are speaking to you and wanting to guide you toward your highest good.

I hope you enjoyed our Weekly Numerology Message. Thank you for sharing this forecast if it resonated with you.

I am thinking of you and wishing you an unending stream of love, joy and happiness. You’ve got this and I am here for you.

Angel Hugs,
Julie Geigle

Which message resonated with you this week? Let us know in the comments below!